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August 1, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Golden age

An article said four out of five people in this country have experienced hard times or poverty at some time in their life. True. It also said the gap is widening between the rich and the poor, also true. In this great country of ours, the only real middle class came right after World War II and lasted about 25 or 35 years. People belonged to tennis clubs, country clubs, owned boats, etc. Those were our best years. Here is hoping they will come back.

Woman’s choice

With the exception of rape, a woman has a choice to be chaste, despite what others think. Why would one want to be sexually active outside of marriage except to give in to momentary pleasure? The natural consequence of such an act is possibly pregnancy, but then there is also the knowledge of that beforehand. So how can a pregnancy be unplanned if you know there is always that possibility? How is that being responsible? While there are some who end up on welfare as a result, if it were a one-time bailout or there were tighter restrictions, how many would keep “leeching” the system? A woman can do what’s right if she has morals, no matter what others think, say or do.

Faith restored

I would like too say thank you to the person or persons who found my Discover card and called to have the card cancelled. This shows that there are still honest and good people in the world, although they are fewer and fewer. Again thank you. You restored my faith in people.

History lesson?

In response to “Religious concern”: Am I reading this correctly? This country is founded on Christianity and Judaism? What history books do you read again?

Scary world

Not much is being said of all the crimes that are being committed here and in other parts of the world. Every day, people are being shot, beaten, stabbed, strangled and raped in such heinous ways. And let’s not forget robberies. People are not safe anymore, not on the street nor in their homes. What has happened to human beings? I am truly appalled that some people are not aware that we are meant to live in peace and harmony. What a wonderful world it would be.

Irresponsible parents

I am sick of what receiver Jeffrey Riley is doing to our educational system. Using millions of taxpayer dollars, he’s turning our schools into day-care centers and clinics and our teachers and administrators into foster parents. Clearly, the main difference between Level 1 and Level 5 districts is the parents, not the teachers. Parents of failing students are irresponsible, disinterested in education and to selfish to see that their kids do their homework, behave and get to school on time. Until Riley admits this and takes drastic action like fining them or reducing their entitlements, there will be no change. He will continue to fire experienced teachers and administrators and encourage long-time experienced teachers to retire at taxpayers’ expense. From what I see, Riley is perpetuating the problems in Lawrence by enabling irresponsible parents.