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November 14, 2012

Prosecutor questions former Lottery chief in Cahill case


“You can admit to pressure from Hill Holliday but not from Mr. Cahill or Mr. Campbell,” O’Brien said, receiving an affirmative from Cavanagh. Asking why Cavanagh complained to the deputy treasurer about the high cost of the ad firm’s proposals rather than the firm directly, O’Brien asked, “Isn’t that why you went to [Deputy Treasurer] Grace Lee, because you knew the pressure was coming from here, from Tim Cahill and not Hill Holliday?”

“Not totally, no,” Cavanagh answered. Cavanagh also acknowledged that there is nothing in writing showing that Cavanagh was considering so-called “permission” ads, which paint the Lottery in a favorable light, prior to July 28 — when the prosecution contends, the Cahill campaign became excited by the prospect that associating Cahill with the Lottery could boost his electoral prospects.

O’Brien asked about statements that Cavanagh made to the press and to officials in the AG’s office about his having no contact with the campaign, even though he had exchanged emails about the ads with Campbell over Labor Day weekend.

“I recognized Scott’s email was inappropriate and reported it up to Grace and thought that was over,” Cavanagh said. He said, “I overlooked Scott’s email.”

Campbell’s email was sent to Cavanagh’s personal email. Cavanagh said he still associated Campbell as the Treasury chief of staff.

“Because of your long-term association with Scott Campbell, you had put him in the Treasury pile,” Cahill’s attorney Brad Bailey said to Cavanagh, which Cavanagh agreed to. During his cross-examination, Bailey also made clear that Cavanagh had been called by the prosecution and that Bailey and Cavanagh had no contact beyond the cross-examination on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Isn’t it true that you were called here to testify for the commonwealth,” Bailey said, which Cavanagh affirmed.

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