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April 18, 2013

Groom's mom admits role in wedding brawl

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---- — SalemNews.com, Salem, MAApril 18, 2013BDANVERS — The Revere woman who made headlines all over the country by brawling with other guests and then tangling with cops during her son’s wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club last spring was placed on a year of supervised probation yesterday.

In court, Darlene DeIorio, 48, was contrite, as she admitted to sufficient facts for a conviction on charges that include assault and battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Salem District Court Judge Michael Lauranzano agreed to her lawyer’s request to continue the case without a finding for a year, meaning that if DeIorio stays out of further trouble, completes anger management classes and does not drink, the charges will be dismissed.

Outside the courtroom, however, DeIorio was defiant. “I wasn’t angry, and I wasn’t drinking,” she told a reporter. And when a male companion, who did not identify himself, said the police report was “overblown,” DeIorio nodded, before ducking into the clerk’s office.

Police and prosecutors, however, say DeIorio was “out of control” on April 29.

Prosecutor Heidi Sylvanowicz, who had urged a guilty finding and 18 months of probation, said surveillance video from the event shows “it was an absolute disaster.”

“There are chairs being thrown, hair being pulled,” Sylvanowicz said, describing DeIorio’s behavior on the video. “This is her son’s wedding.”

When police arrived, the prosecutor said, DeIorio was trying to punch a woman who was on the floor. Officers pulled her away, as she kept trying to go after other guests, the prosecutor said, citing a Danvers police report. The officers led her to a rear deck area, trying to avoid having to arrest anyone.

But a few minutes later, the officers noticed that DeIorio had sneaked away, run around the building and back in the front door, and was throwing chairs and attempting to assault another guest.

DeIorio eventually turned on the officers, Sylvanowicz said, insulting them with crude remarks and at one point threatening to have an officer killed.

Police later learned that before their arrival, DeIorio had slapped a bartender who told her she couldn’t order a drink because the bar was closed. DeIorio, irate, had called the female bartender a vulgarity, then marched around the bar, Sylvanowicz told the judge.

The judge turned to Kristen Graves, Delorio’s lawyer: “Tell me what happened here. She was way out of control.”

Graves replied that, “It is difficult for me and Ms. DeIorio to stand here and admit her role because so many other people were fighting.”

Graves said it was the situation, not her client, that was out of control that night.

She denied that DeIorio had been drinking.

“Her explanation is she wasn’t under the influence, she was just angry?” Lauranzano asked.

“Yes,” Graves responded.

Lauranzano wasn’t convinced, however, adding a requirement that DeIorio submit to random alcohol tests while she is on probation. She has also been barred from going near the Danversport Yacht Club.

Should DeIorio violate her probation, the judge warned, she could face up to five years behind bars.

DeIorio was one of three people at the wedding who were charged; the cases against a bridesmaid and the bridegroom — Delorio’s son — have been dismissed.

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