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March 2, 2014

New Honda Accord wins popularity contest


And the enthusiasm for the redesigned Accord appears to be holding up since the 2013 redesign carried into the current, 2014 model.

“Accord sales are making another good start for the year,” Horgan noted.

Of course, it’s not like the Accord came completely out of the blue to capture the crown as most popular car. The model has remained a contender, with high stature and wide popularity for a long time. One big advantage it holds is that so many Accord drivers keep coming back to it, because they’re learned they can trust it.

“I hear a lot of buyers say they plan to keep their Accord for the next 10 years,” Horgan said. “Many families see it as a car to pass on to their kids when they start to drive. Honda has long been viewed as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable products that hold their value.”

Last year’s remake of the model simply gave them more to like.

For example, the same mix of contemporary style and tasteful decorum that makes Accord’s exterior so appealing appears in its cabin, too. Inviting, high-grade materials cover well sculpted shapes along the dashboard, center console and door panels. Instruments and controls are laid out for function and efficiency. The seats are comfortable and passenger space is generous. Rated for five passengers like nearly every other auto you can buy, the Accord sedan gives two adults in the back seat room enough to relax and settle. So many other back cabins seem suitable for kids alone.

The new model’s cabin space and comfort might seem surprising, because today’s updated Accord sedan is actually smaller than the preceding version. Honda shrunk the exterior dimensions slightly, and total volume of the passenger cabin decreased along with the body size (although cargo volume in the trunk increased). But total volume is only a number. More important is how the volume is distributed. With the new Accord, Honda configured the interior to increase usable space in the critical areas that you need and notice, such as rear-seat leg room.

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