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December 22, 2013

Volvo S60 steps to higher distinction


Volvo is widely known for making family-friendly vehicles that place an extra emphasis on safety. But the S60 stands out from the Volvo lineup as a personally sized auto with flair and swagger. In the Merrimack Valley, Gary Jaffarian sees the model appealing to young singles and couples without children, to families who want a jaunty, personal-use car to counterbalance their larger hauler, and to empty-nesters who want to express their personality now that they now longer have young children to haul.

Most go with the T5, Jaffarian noted. “The T6 appeals more to the driving enthusiast who really wants the extra performance,” he explained.

Volvo positions all of its models as premium vehicles, in what is sometimes called the entry-luxury class of cars. The classification encompasses autos that are above the everyday, mass-market brands, but that don’t stretch all the way into the stratosphere of super-deluxe strutters that overload on glamor and glitz – and price.

The S60 carries all the equipment and accessories of a premium-class car. It has all the required gloss, neatness, nice design and detail work. It provides the comfort, quietness, safety and sense of sturdy security. But the one place it deviates is in its price, Jaffarian stated.

List prices for the S60 start at a little over $33,000. But, “with incentives and discounts, the transaction price today for a T5 is under $30,000,” he said. “That’s a lot of car for the money.”

What’s more, final, out-the-door prices didn’t increase with the arrival of the upgraded, 2014 version, Jaffarian said.

“The transaction price hasn’t changed, but you’re now getting more for the money,” he stated.

That more includes upgrades beyond the reshaped front of the Volvo S60. The dashboard inside is a stylish and pleasing new design in the 2014 model. Equipment has been upgraded. For example, the car’s blind-spot warning system now uses radar, instead of a camera, to give it greater range and expand its abilities with new functions, like warning you of a crossing car before you back out of a parking space. Also, additional equipment has been added. One prominent new feature, said Jaffarian, is a first-of-its-kind Internet link. Available as an option, Connected Touch works through the dash-mounted touch screen and lets driver and passenger access the Web when the car isn’t moving.

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