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June 9, 2013

Reduce fuel use to save cash and help the planet

Reducing fuel costs is foremost on the minds of many drivers. Myriad costs are associated with owning an automobile, many of which are within a driver’s control. For instance, safe drivers are likely to spend less on auto insurance than drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents, while drivers who purchase a vehicle with a high safety rating will likely spend less to insure that vehicle than they would a sports car.

One of the costs associated with driving that some drivers may mistakenly feel is beyond their control is the cost of fuel. Drivers might not be able to control the price at the pump, but there are many ways drivers can spend less on fuel, helping them save money and helping the environment along the way.

Emphasizing efficiency

Making a vehicle more efficient is a great way to save money at the pump. But drivers don’t need to get under the hood or have a mechanic’s understanding of automobiles to make their cars more efficient. In fact, a few minor adjustments is all it takes to make a car more efficient and save drivers, regardless of their mechanical inclinations, money at the filling station.

Adequately inflate tires.

Tires that are not properly inflated increase drag on a vehicle, which then consumes more fuel to operate at full capacity. Check the driver’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure, and check the tire pressure frequently to ensure your car isn’t working harder than it needs to be.

Clear out the trunk.

A car filled with clutter is carrying unnecessary weight, making it harder for the car to accelerate and consuming more fuel than it should be. Clear out the trunk and anything inside the vehicle that you don’t need.

Open the windows at lower speeds.

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