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January 27, 2013

Words to live by for the next 12 months

I am sick of reading claims hyping me to “have my best year ever.”

FYI: The trend of “best year ever” was originated more than a decade ago by the late, great Jim Rohn. His seminars were earth-shattering and life-changing – and he has inspired many, albeit lesser, duplicators.

Rohn’s seminars should have been titled: “Have your best LIFE ever.”

What about your needs and desires this year?

Let me ask you a few questions about where you’re intending and hoping to do:

How are you expecting this year to be for you?

What are your immediate (within 30 days) goals?

What are your present hopes and dreams? (They have a way of changing over the years. Some dream of marriage – others dream of divorce.)

What are your genuine intentions to make your goals, hopes, and dreams a reality?

What’s your game plan to ensure success?

SUCCESS CONCEPT: What three or four words, and associated actions, could you come up with as a guiding light to help you stay focused and on track to get you there? Not to have “your best year ever,” but rather to have a great year. A fulfilling year. A profitable year. A healthy year. A happy year. A year of wander, wonder, and fun.

Many people, like my almost sister-in-law, and blogger extraordinaire, Ali Edwards (www.aliedwards.com), pick one word to focus on for the entire year. Her word this year is “open.” She focuses blog posts and actions around the word. The process works.

I believe that picking a few meaningful words that apply to your vision will help you take DIRECTED actions. Words you can post in plain sight that will keep you in the groove of daily achievement. Key words that you burn into your psyche so that your goals become your driving force. Not just words on a paper, rather beacons of understanding, determination, and intentions. Ever-mindful, laser-focused, bright light.

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