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March 17, 2013

Redesigning the 'Vette: A dream job but a tough one


Round tail lamps especially have been on Corvette for over 50 years. Well, round tail lamps have been adopted by other manufacturers and other cars. So it’s no longer a unique night-time signature, and that was something we really wanted to give our customer — a unique LED, indirect-lit signature — something that people, if they saw this car at night, they would know without a doubt that this was a new Corvette.

Q: Why did you go to the square lights?

A: Well, they’re trapezoidal. They’re leaned over, but they actually tie into the quarter-panel line. They really fit the flow and gesture of the car in that they’re multidimensional.

Q: Why did you decide on the name Stingray?

A: We’ve wanted to use it in the past. But we just didn’t have the car that we really felt supported it. So the agreement we had with ourselves was that, when we got done with what you know as the C-7, we would step back and make a decision with our upper management about whether this car is new and compelling enough to support the use of the name.

Here again, we’re not trying to embody the ‘63 or ‘68 or ‘76 Stingray. This car is all about being a new Stingray. When it was all said and done, we thought the car was good enough. We put the badge on, but we didn’t do that until very late.

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