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April 14, 2013

Pump prices trend down, take another plunge

Auto Scene
Jeffrey Zygmont

---- — At this time last year, the price of gasoline in Massachusetts was only one thin dime away from topping $4 per gallon.

But now at the mid-April point of 2013, the average price for self-service regular gas in the Bay State stands more than 40 cents below the $4 mark, and is trending lower.

Average pump prices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the U.S. as a whole declined last week for the sixth consecutive week, according to tracking by the auto club AAA.

The Massachusetts state-wide average reached $3.586 per gallon for self-service regular gas on Wednesday, AAA reported. That was 6.7 cents lower than the prior Wednesday’s average of $3.653. On the same day of 2012, the Bay State average $3.903, or 31.7 cents higher than Wednesday’s level.

In New Hampshire, drivers paid an average of $3.541 on Wednesday, down 6.5 cents from the $3.606 state-wide average recorded seven days earlier, according to AAA. On the same day last year, the New Hampshire average of $3.858 was 31.7 cents higher than Wednesday’s figure.

The U.S. coast-to-coast average saw a similar decrease last week, with AAA reporting a national average of $3.572 on Wednesday, down 6.8 pennies from the prior Wednesday’s $3.640. Twelve months earlier, the overall U.S. average of $3.922 was 35.0 cents above Wednesday’s average.