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October 21, 2012

Decisions, decisions - how good at them are you?

Decisions – either by you, your coworker, your boss, your family members, or your customer – drive your success, your lifestyle, and your attitude.

As you’re contemplating what to do, or how to decide, there are stream-of-conscious thoughts that affect the final choice and the resulting outcome. Whether you’re buying something, working on a project, parenting, or making a sale, there are decisions you have to make that will determine the outcome. Your job is to make the best one, the right one.

Most people think decisions are made based on economics. The price. Most people are wrong. Decisions are made based on a myriad of elements, and price is only one of them. Perceived value is way more of a factor than price.

The majority of decisions you make are based on existing emotion and perception, combined with previous experience – UNLESS you’re in politics, or corporate politics.

Those (political) decisions are made based on what’s popular, what’s likely to be approved, what’s safe (nobody ever got fired for buying IBM), or what’s politically expedient – and almost NEVER based on what’s best for the whole of the country or the company.

If you’re willing to think deeper about the decision making process for yourself, it may help you understand how others make their decisions. Especially if you’re in sales and your income and career are based on the decisions of others. The easiest way to understand the situation and other people is to first understand yourself, and how you make decisions.

Regardless of the decision at hand – yes, no, put off, act, buy, don’t buy, date, or reject – the questions below will help your conscious and sub-conscious mind understand your decision making process AND help you understand the decision making process of others.

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