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August 11, 2013

Column: Despite it all, there's reason for optimism


They’re not just focused on getting rich.

I never got the impression that they were foolishly optimistic or naïve about the current state of the economy or job market. They are well aware that these are challenging times and are willing to adapt in order to pay the bills.

They are developing their long-term career plans sensibly based on the work they enjoy, their natural abilities and the impact they can make, rather than how much they can earn.

It seems they have already recognized what many older adults have not: that the most successful career is the one you love and the one where you can make the greatest contribution. Excellent compensation usually follows.

They respect their classmates for their abilities and character regardless of their race, religion, or background.

Our colleges have been working to increase and encourage diversity on campus, offering greater opportunities for student involvement in civic and community service. The result is that our children are becoming adults with greater understanding, acceptance and respect for cultural differences, a more informed view of the world and, most importantly, fewer irrational prejudices.

They are confident, optimistic, and determined.

They believe the big problems are solvable and they are capable of solving them. Perhaps this is because they are too busy working toward their goals to be listening to the constant drumbeat of negative news.

They are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future and their ability to use their gifts to make a positive difference in solving the world’s problems. In other words, they are looking forward rather than backward, spending less time worrying about the problems and more time working on the solutions.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment I saw in these college graduates. It was a stark reminder that our world bears little resemblance to the one depicted by the news media. I, for one, am optimistic about the future.

John Spoto is the founder of Sentry Financial Planning in Andover and Danvers. For more information, call 978-475-2533 or visit www.sentryfinancialplanning.com

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