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December 15, 2012

U.S. retailers will lose $9 billion to holiday shoplifting, employee theft


“On paper, I think there’s a genuine impact on prices but competition really forces retailers to look at all aspects of their store’s operation, and they just can’t simply pass along shoplifting costs in terms of higher merchandise. At some point the pressure finally builds and you do see prices impacted, but it just doesn’t happen automatically or happen all the time.”

Monahan said the shoplifting crews typically sell their stolen goods on the street as a livelihood or to finance drug habits.

Gary Sprinkle, a security manager based in Evansville, Ind., said organized retail crime is an ever-evolving enterprise taking numerous forms.

What should you do if you see someone you think is shoplifting?

Nothing unless you’re sure, said Sprinkle. And even if you are, do not confront the individual or group you believe is stealing.

“You have to know for sure. And if you do, tell store management — immediately,” he said.

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