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December 15, 2012

Fifty Shades of Sales


— Asking emotional questions about their experience and wisdom.

— Your passionate, compelling presentation.

— Your personal, transferable, and consistent enthusiasm.

— Attitude that comes from your heart.

— Serving because you love to serve.

— Belief that the customer is better off having purchased from you – and believing that in your heart, not your head.

— Connecting personally and building meaningful rapport.

— Uncovering and understanding the motive (or motives) of the customer to buy.

— Making certain that your value message goes beyond your price. When value exceeds price a purchase occurs.

— Wowing the customer as a regular part of your process in sales and service.

— Using an emotional video from other customers as proof of your authenticity, quality and value.

— Reassuring the customer after they purchase.

— Becoming genuinely interested in the prospect — a classic Dale Carnegie axiom.

— Doing more than is expected — a classic Napoleon Hill axiom.

— Giving value first — a classic Jeffrey Gitomer axiom.

That’s a sales list of qualities you can sink your teeth into. They’re real, they create emotional engagement, and they can all be mastered over time.

TAKE NOTE: You determine your own emotion by the spoken and unspoken elements of who you are as a person.

Before you can enter the sales arena and best interact with customers and prospects, here are the elements you must possess to be the master of YOUR EMOTIONAL SELF.

Your internal positive attitude

Your smile

Your self-confidence

The way you present yourself to others

The way you speak to others, both in tone and words

Who you seek to become as a person

How you live your life

How you earn respect

Your peer reputation

Your community reputation

Your online reputation

Your love of family

Daily random acts of kindness

And the shade – the degree – of emotion you put into each of these elements, will determine the outcome of your sales effort, and your relationship effort, much more than your price, your insincere communication, or your closing tactics.

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