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March 3, 2013

Universities aim to help students clean up online profiles


She says even though she is already pretty attentive to her online image, the site is a useful tool for students thinking about a job or internship search.

“It helps you clean up your online image so stuff that you might not want to be pushed toward the top of your Google search results, it can push it down for you and stuff you would like to appear to the top, it does that for you,” Weiss said.

“There’s one billion names googled every single day so like it or not, Google is your first impression,” said Patrick Ambron, CEO and co-founder of brandyourself.com.

Ambron says studies show that 75 percent of employers are required to google their job candidates.

Today it is all about putting your best digital foot forward and Ambron says his site will help you do that through tips, tools and alerts.

“We’re tracking everything for you so we can tell you, hey, your linkedin profile fell off your first page, log on and do this. Or, hey, something weird showed up on your first page of Google, you should come in and take action.”

Ambron says his site can also tell you who is googling you.

Johns Hopkins is betting the tool will be invaluable to its student body and is one of only three universities in the country so far taking this 21st century approach to getting a job. The other two are University of Rochester and Syracuse University, both in New York.

Ambron says his site is mostly a direct to consumer type product but at least four more universities have contacted him about a deal.

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