EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

June 24, 2006

Trading places in Massachusetts


19 High St Unit 19: Shannon A. and Stephanie M. Pons to Francis Stanwood, $299,999

13 Paige Farm Rd: D Diane and Glen Alan Germanowski to Carolyn R. and Vincent Scarinci, $499,900

14 Warren Ave: Joanne M. Smith and Paul J. Gagliardi to Sandra A. Wolk, $225,000


15 Blackberry Ln: Dana L. and Virginia F. Cohen to Daniel M. and Katherine E. Grondin, $730,000

300 Federal St: Andover Park RT and William J. Callahan to 300 Federal Street LLC, $8,300,000

600 Federal St: Andover Park RT and William J. Callahan to 600 Federal Street LLC, $15,600,000

800 Federal St: Andover Park RT and William J. Callahan to 800 Federal Street LLC and Route 93 Master LLC, $11,400,000

10 Greenmeadow Ln: Greenwood Meadows LLC to Kuilian and Judy Zhu Tang, $680,000

18 Lincoln St: EA Ventures LLC to Rayvon RT and Raymond Y. Cormier, $150,000

344 N Main St Unit 344: Shawsheen Lawyers T and Lynda L. Saracusa to Grayshaw Realty LLC, $565,000

10 Paulornette Cir: Vanvleet Patricia A Est and Vicky Fox to 7&10 Paulornette Cir RT and Kevin M. Douglas, $750,000

291 S Main St: Kathleen M. and Greta Kaminski to John A. Marino and Kathleen M. Kaminski, $25,000


35 Arlington Ave: Marjorie Riquier to Josue and Flescania Piverger, $350,000

9 Fayette St Unit 1: PJB RT and Phyllis J. Bucci to Patrick E. and Roxanne F. Emond, $267,000

9 Foster St: Lillian Packard T and Edward W. Packard to Neal P. and Jennifer A. Packard, $385,000

13 King Ter: Edna R Parsons T and Edna R. Glovsky to Jeffrey N. and Ellyn Ponkey, $363,000

131 Rantoul St Unit 131: Health & Educ Svcs Inc to Regwill Corp, $653,240

315 Rantoul St Unit 208: Stacy L. Stpierre to Oliver Lazic and Snezana Guduras, $220,000

16 Whitney Ave: Jeffrey Greenberg and Kimberly Dietel to Lauren S. Barthold, $405,000


44 Arrowhead Farm Rd: Norma and P Sean Gibney to Bonni Theriault and Andrea Anastas, $1,321,200

178 Georgetown Rd: John PH and Sally W. Morris to Drueann Kudlik, $565,000

34 King George Dr: Winifred Susan Batsche to Jody Lynn and Anthony Destefanis, $595,000


7 Burley St: Louise Stephanos and Richard S. Gilmore to Charles G. Stephanos, $370,000

57 Chase St: David C. and Kimberly M. Lapine to Jared P. and Alicia M. Lazzaro, $350,000

35 Collins St Unit 62: Marcia Lewis to Phyllis J. Bucci, $350,000

4 Mcdewell Ave Unit 17: Edward P. Stanton to Maria Correale and Ereminda Santos, $210,000

52 Purchase St Unit C8: William J. Sarnowski to Arkady Tandilyan and Kellie Monatukwa, $225,000

20 Riverside Ave Unit B: Alfred T. Mscisz to Robert B. Russo, $365,000

69 Wenham St: Gregory J. and Rena Swaine to Richard J. Spiridizliozzi, $9,000


31 Carrington Ave: Donald V. Breton to David F. and Sheryl A. Hartwell, $339,900

24 Hammock Ct: Craig L. and Michelle D. Gillaspie to Alec J. Bull and Tara L. Dulong, $300,000

10 Hazelwood Ave Unit 15: Robert D. Braun to Donald Boudreau, $104,000

10 Pine Valley Dr: Elizabeth and Michael A. Picanso to Courtney and Diallo Hudgins, $370,000

204 Pleasant St Unit 4-1: Salim Aouragh and Seher F. Yuksekkaya to Teresia M. Wanderi, $140,000

5 Rebecca Ln Unit 5: Courtney Hudgins and Dennis Carragher to Robert Pratt and Sarah Shaw, $285,000

81 Springdale Rd: Brenda L. and John E. Clement to Romeo D. Demers, $260,000


12 John Wise Ave: Donald H. and Robert W. Macintyre to Scott S. Fabyan, $492,500


No Transactions in this Town


14 Atlantic Rd Unit 4: Gray Manor LLC to Mary E. Griffin, $450,000

91 Dennison St: Sheila F. Wilson to Inga Soderberg-king and Jeffrey King, $200,000

17 Gee Ave: Alexander Castiello and MERS to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $379,065

21 Kettle Cove Ln Unit B5: Rodrigo Mendes Dafonseca to Ray C. Vallis, $77,500

21 Kettle Cove Ln Unit B13: Rodrigo Mendes Dafonseca to Ray C. Vallis, $77,500

28 Orchard St: 28 Orchard Street RT and Ruth L. Johnson to Peter S. Albano and Stacey L. White, $295,000

27 Perkins St: Matthew P. Lawton to Diane L. Gleason, $425,000

9 Warner St: Alfonso and Cinsia Ciolino to Alfonso and Cinsia Ciolino, $100,000


No Transactions in this Town


112 Echo Cove Rd: TEJ T and Theodore E. Johnson to Russell L. Newman, $360,000


28 15th Ave: David S. and Patricia Hawkins to Joy C. Fleck, $269,000

23 6th Ave Unit 23: Gregory Valeri to Robert Giarrizzo, $180,000

81 Blaisdell St: Sandro Felix to Kevin Chaplick-woodard, $405,000

69 Bradford St Unit 13l: Highview LLC to John G. Carpenito, $391,250

20 Broad St: Mark J. and Mark Porter to Bushwood Prop LLC, $270,000

764 Broadway: Joann V. Fontaine to Haverhill Animal Hosp LLC, $415,000

8 Cedar St Unit 5: Arlington Heights NW to Jennifer B. Troobnick, $169,000

166 Crystal St: Cheryl L. and Wayne F. Hebert to William J. Bragel, $360,000

36 Dwight St: Glenn R. Fogarty to Cook Paul W Est and Paul W. Cook, $429,900

25 Gilbert Ave: Manuel Cepeda to Rafael E. Tiburcio, $350,000

54 Gile St: Harold M. Lahey to Coleman P. Mcdonough, $400,000

134 Grove St: Altagracia Rodriguez and Junior Ruiz to Mark A. Dever, $245,000

16 Hancock St: Patricia A. Wyman to Chad Lussier, $320,000

51 Hancock St: Fausto R. and Maria A. Mendez to Jesus and Alicia Castro, $339,500

64 Harrison St: Granite RT and Sweetwater RT to Hermes Godoy, $139,000

69 Haseltine St: Christina P. and Joseph F. Maglio to Jaclyn A. Escott and Patrick S. Callison, $284,900

100 Lawrence St Unit 7: Rick Debay to Thomas J. Haskard, $275,000

22 New St: Say Hing Shaw to Luis Saraccini, $240,000

440 North Ave Unit 238: Christine M. Connor to Andrew J. Geddry, $89,500

440 North Ave Unit 279: Jonathan Dandurant to Michael I. and Michael L. Liuzza, $89,000

74 Orchard Hill Rd: Madelyn F Mathieson NT and Madelyn F. Mathieson to Barbara Latulippe, $582,500

126 Orchard Hill Rd: Mayda L. Carrion and Tania O. Collado to Roger S. and Barbara A. Mackenzie, $416,000

9-1/2 Solitaire Dr: Barbara A. and Roger S. Mackenzie to Harold Lahey, $395,000

6 Squaw Creek Dr Unit 6: Fairway Oaks LLC to Diane Senno, $374,000

503 W Lowell Ave: Ronald W. Maclaren to Tenney Place LLC, $375,000

538 W Lowell Ave: Barron W. Tenney and Marcia L. Blatchford to Tenney Place LLC, $671,250

538 W Lowell Ave: Paul Sarah W Est and Gene V. Paul to Tenney Place LLC, $223,750

451 Washington St: Mortgage Electronic Regis and John Papadelos to US Bank NA Tr, $246,449

204 Wilson St Unit 204: Leroy C. and Bernadette E. Smith to Mam Holdings LLC, $30,000


346-348 Ames St: Kervin Valdez and MERS to Franklin Arias and Eddy I. Guzman, $288,000

46 Amesbury St Unit 6d: John M. Gilligan to Alexander Cabrera, $65,000

15 Crescent St Unit D: Wells Fargo Bk NA Tr to Aurea Flores, $149,900

264 E Haverhill St Unit 8: Maria F. Tejada to Nicolas Rodriguez, $102,500

135-137 Easton St: Nancy Cruz to Leonicio and Rhonda Gomez, $324,000

467-479 Essex St: Blakely Building LLC to 467-479 Essex Street LLC, $465,000

799-801 Essex St: Juan and Gertrudis Reyes to Dionis D. Reyes, $370,000

127 Garden St: Kathleen L. Giroux to Francisco D. Miranda, $329,000

534 Haverhill St: Deutsche Bank Natl T and Lairon Braicontil to US Bank NA Tr, $273,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 705: Baystate On Common LLC to Barbara E. Allen, $112,900

11 Lawrence St Unit 505: Baystate On Common LLC to Radhames Santos, $112,900

339-341 Lawrence St: Martina A. Cardoza and Rosther Hernandez to Henry A. and Zolgalys Sanchez, $360,000

169 Park St: Martha C. Chukwuma to Augustine Banks, $268,000

26 Sparkle Dr: Jack F. Fultz to William J. and Mary L. Welch, $285,000

20 Willoughby St: Francisco and Awilda Cirineo to David K. Kioko, $216,000

120 Willow St: Christine M. Maloof to Geraldo Torres, $115,000

176 Willow St: Yahaira Pimentel and Felix M. Maldonado to Alquidania Pimentel and Cedric Luna, $238,000


No Transactions in this Town


8 Lancaster Ct Unit 2: Frederick E. Levasseur to Melissa A. Tiezzi, $235,000


105 Arnold St: John G. and Kerrie M. Roberto to Matthew F. Barnes and Candace M. Mangin-barnes, $304,000

8 Autumn Ln: Frank and Francis B. Trainor to Robert F. and Stacy L. Preston, $400,000

14-16 Granite St: Elba N. Morency to Gumercindo and Thelma Frias, $295,000

8 Rebecca Way Unit 11: Custer Realty Inc to Anthony A. and Freida N. Vitale, $464,900

945 Riverside Dr Unit 22c: Heidi and Gary Ogrady to Luci Albert, $188,500

4 Smith Ave: Robert F. and Stacy L. Preston to David A. Spera and Erin E. Ryan, $336,500


No Transactions in this Town


60-64 Carter St Unit 10: Francis H Finneran RT and Francis H. Finneran to Kevin E. Moran, $207,000

9 Dove St: Jeffrey S. and Kelly J. Gray to Sandra L. Mackay, $494,250

231 High St: 231 High Street RT and Leonard W. Johnson to Margareta Starrak, $618,900

8 Ocean Ave: Great Woods Post&Beam; Inc to JPSJB RT LLC, $900,000

3 P St: Frank Rozmus to David Sorenson, $430,000

46-48 Purchase St Unit 1: 46-48 Purchase Street RT and Ronald P. Guertin to Mary C. Coutu, $325,000


74 Colonial Ave: Eric P. and Cathleen C. Lareau to Stephen P. and Laura A. Delmarco, $722,500

3 Harvest Dr Unit 309: Valley Realty Dev LLC to Stephen C. and Elaine P. Winsor, $308,900

175 Main St Unit 12: William E. and Jennie T. Nicholson to Gail J. Holleran, $195,000

7 Walker Rd Unit 11: Melissa M. Sindeband and Melissa S. Curtis to Robert E. Curtis, $189,000


4 Ashwood Dr: C Johnson-Hungerford and Lionel E. Hungerford to Daniel Bantel and Dante Spetter, $530,000

8 Brassie Way Unit 2: Daniel F. Blanchard and James Macnichol Balcom to Michael Okeefe, $372,500


31 Dale St: Anthony V Bianchi LT and Anthony V. Bianchi to Pasquale Memmolo, $295,000

5104 Heatherwood Ln Unit 5104: James V. Zarrella to Cheryl Lombardi, $380,000

26 Mount Pleasant Dr: Judith V. Boyle to Douglas M. Glynn, $434,000

9-1/2 Northend St: Alexander Budesky and Karen Foote to Michael P. Dirosa, $372,000

12 Red Berry Ln: OHC Juniper LLC to Michael and Luba Zagachin, $479,900

1100 Salem St Unit 22: Karen and Thomas Pezzarossi to Paul J. Solimine, $330,000

40 Surrey Ln: Gary A. and Roberta D. Gordon to David J. Annese, $450,000

50 Sutton St: Edith H. Pare to Robert C. and Kerri A. Amor, $315,000

92 Winona St: Virginia Kiley to Mohammad Rahimi and Kevin Derrivan, $266,000


24 Forest St: Anthony Torrisi to Salvatore J. and Jamie Dee Frontiero, $265,206

13 Hale St: Philip E. Margolis and Susanne A. Mutzenberg to David Cooper, $547,000

90 High St: Gloria J. and Gregory W. Porteous to James E. Hosker and Lisa S. Kiniry, $425,000

41-r Squam Hill Rd Unit 41r: Salvatore James Favaloro to Alfred C. York, $110,000

1 Thurston Pl: RSVP T and Robert S. Burkhard to Rem Furniture Solutio LLC, $625,000


20 Lawrence Rd Unit 31: Jennifer D. and Josiah J. Curry to Judith A. Wedge, $246,250


289 Essex St Unit 205: Jessica B. Herbert and Stevan J. Gauthier to Ian and Katherine Reardon, $239,900

304 Essex St Unit 1: Holloran Dev LLC to Deanna Kathryn Green, $260,000

4 Fairview Ave: Helen Rita Noonan to Alexander V. Norton and Lisa Pennick, $580,000

41 Harbor St Unit 1: Harbor Edge LLC to Nicole Rogerson, $217,000

29-31 Leach St Unit 2: Paul N. Richard and MERS to FNMA, $173,164

75 Mason St Unit 2: Ricol Ent LLC to Gregory F. Lynch, $274,000

284 Washington St Unit 2b: Ralph F. and Kathleen Ann Sirois to Mary Elizabeth Wilson, $201,000

284 Washington St Unit 2a: Ralph F. and Kathleen Ann Sirois to Vicky L. Palmer, $175,000

24-r N/a: FNMA to William E. Lowd, $211,200


157 Elm St: Edythe S. and Wendell A. Dow to TRC RT and Richard E. Capolupo, $265,000

158 Elm St: Dimopoulos FT and George N. Dimopoulos to Wilor LLC, $1,750,000

3 Ferry Lots Ln: Rachel T. Twomey to Derek and Sharon Baumann, $320,000

55 Main St: Martin D. Look and Phyllis D. Leighton to Son Hui Kim, $142,000

3 School House Ln: Joseph L. Guy and New Century Mtg Corp to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $276,664


234 Ipswich Rd: Cameron K. and Colleen M. Brown to Eric D. Thielscher and Elizabeth E. Nicholson, $722,000


26 Main St: 34 Main Street RT and Justin Belliveau to P Sean Gibney, $2,175,000


No Transactions in this Town