EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

December 15, 2007

Property deeds


16 Aubin St., Unit 16: Lyman O. and Virginia G. Louis to Roger and Roger W. Cramer, $280,000

184 Elm St.: Litton Loan Servicing LP and Res Funding Co LLP to Kevin C. Teague, $185,000

84 Highland St., Unit B: CBC Realty Trust and Christohper Cronin to Theresa M. Perkins, $249,900

157 Kimball Road: Hayward FT and Wallace D. Hayward to Douglas Jay Krippendorf, $352,000

75 Main St., Unit 202: Toomick Realty LLC to Peter F. Roach, $275,000


204 Andover St., Unit 301: Shawsheen River Realty Limited Partnership and Linam Real Estate LLC to MWR Dev LLC, $489,000

73R Bellevue Road: Andover Builders MA LLC to Kenneth T. Connors and Karla J. Ferry, $1,365,000

6 Elm Court: Battista M. and Kathryn E. Remati to Dan and Andrea V. Eldridge, $355,000

245 Highland Road: Timothy D. Dempsey and Julie A. Ogilvie to Laszlo and Andrea Papp, $597,500

7 Iron Gate Drive: Charles F. Zanazzi and Marion T. Jorden to Jean I. and Josephine K. Kadima, $504,000

197 Lowell St.: Thomas E. and Donna L. Giuliana to Jean Paul and Annmarie Jaillet, $700,000

472 Lowell St.: Stilianos and Maria Katsikis to Newport Of Andover LLC, $1,625,000

3 Mcdonald Circle: Daniel J. Jaye and Nicole Aline Finn to Timothy D. Dempsey and Julie A. Ogilvie, $850,000

1000 Spring Valley Drive, Unit D: Domenic V. and Patricia L. Scarpa to Marisol A. Hilario, $287,000

18 Wabanaki Way: Carl D. and Barbara L. Strube to Scott F. Deleo and Bethann Deangelis, $926,000


9 Agate St.: Falloni NT and Amy E. Falloni to Joseph C. Falloni, $150,000

81 Cabot St., Unit 2R: FNMA to Todd Lampert, $925,000

501 Cabot St., Unit 4: Cabot Xing RT and David A. Carnevale to Cheryl A. Herrick, $318,900

60 Dodge St., Unit 6: John T. and Kathleen Clifford to James M. and Alice C. Carter, $390,000

40 Heather St., Unit 311: Montserrat Condo LLC to Douglas E. Spanks and Marjorie W. Stark, $279,250

40 Heather St., Unit 111: Montserrat Condo LLC to Mark W. Hanson, $234,000

40 Heather St., Unit 211: Montserrat Condo LLC to Michael R. and Lourdes N. Pinto, $279,000

1-a Independence Circle: Shirley A. Warner to David C. Scheri and Betty Ann Cardran, $615,000

14 Jordan St.: Robert P. Dylengoski to Jay Brown, $293,880

56 Lothrop St., Unit 5: Susan L. Gillis to Isabel M. Alorda-Socias, $174,900

16 Pleasant St., Unit A: Michael H. Greene to Richard J. Pacifico, $234,000

116 Rantoul St., Unit 407: Beverly Xing LLC to Susan and Susan M. Fielding, $229,000

116 Rantoul St., Unit 405: Beverly Xing LLC to Henry A. and Tammy M. Morgan, $209,000

116-128 Rantoul St., Unit 404: Beverly Xing LLC to Brett Devito, $209,000

12 Summit Ave. Unit 20: Kelly R. and Marcus C. Pereira to Daniel W. Hayes, $208,000

11 Webber Ave.: Louis P. and Shay Wainwright to Andrew J. and Megan K. Defranza, $375,000

10 Wilson St.: US Bk to Thomas J. Gagnon, $276,000


548 Main St.: Sevcik Marta H Est and Paul W. Sevcik to Toma and Angela David, $320,000

341 Middleton Road: Dawn and John J. Volpacchio to Wayne T. Mcelmon, $546,500


36 Cherry St.: Elizabeth H. and Joseph A. Genovese to Phillip Cibelli and Pj Diamond, $405,000

10 Collins St.: Dionne Constr LLC to Michael J. and Keri A. Witwicki, $395,000

35 Collins St., Unit 11: Andrea Dalto and Andrea Delafano to Michael D. Lebel, $342,500

20 Fowler St., Unit 1: Catherine A. and George Trainor to Alyssa Kymalainen, $95,000

8 Glendale Drive: William J Kordalski T and William J. Kordalski to David Dewitt, $301,000

55 Lawrence St.: Donald W. and Maria C. Jordan to Juan Mei Ma, $323,000

155 Maple St., Unit 4: Ann Marie and Vincent Powers to Dina Guay, $241,000

122 Pine St., Unit C: Steven J. Colucci to Jessica A. Waggett, $225,000

171 Pine St.: Kevin Dill to Marissa Hamel, $435,000

2 Postgate Road: Arnold P. and Sally A. Sholler to Joseph H. Cooper, $530,000

18 Riverview Ave.: Edward A. and Janice A. Chiuchiolo to Brendan J. and Susan M. Hourihan, $402,500


53 Bryan Ave.: Mandy L. Gordon and Robert C. Garland to Charlene and Richard F. Keough, $295,000

330 Colburn Ave.: Kenna Enterprises LLC to Bridgette M. Budhlall and Lauren Dorosh, $405,500

35 Gilbert St.: Evelyn M. Fazel and Evelyn Morrison to Margaret M. Kuhn, $265,000

15 Hamblett Ave.: Gary Bevis and Tia Bastian to Richard J. Boumil, $308,000

43 Hampson St: Hampson Street RT and Arthur E. Tsionis to Anita L. and Athanasios Kotsironis, $350,000

50 Hearthstone Road: Merrimack Valley Home Inc to Gardan LLC, $188,750

66 Homefield Ave.: Dawn R. and Marc E. Chandonnet to Colleen J. and Neal G. Onos, $430,000

81 Kilby St.: Sandra Deschenes and Sandra Savage to Sandra Gucciardi, $330,000

68 Lantern Lane, Unit 8: Patricia Miron and Patricia Sullivan to Thomas Mullin, $137,000

34 Primrose Hill Road: Glen D. and Lisa A. Newell to Eyssallenne RE Inv, $235,000

17 Rebecca Lane, Unit 17: USA HUD to Praveen Misra, $232,999

105 Tennis Plaza Road, Unit 2: Margaret M. Kuhn to Kristie M. Gatherum, $185,000

25 Thissell Ave.: FNMA to Henry E. and Sandra A. Houde, $182,500


25-r Apple St.: Lynda E. and Norman S. Seppala to William B. Moody, $405,000

9 Patriots Landing: Patriots Lane 4A T and Michael P. Mcniff to Brian R. and Diana Kelly, $670,000

284 Southern Ave.: Donna L. Mills and Raymond J. Pomerville to Akshay and Sarika J. Patel, $766,000


2 Partridge Place: Christopher M. and Kathleen P. Fraser to Matthew Thomas and Jennifer Kramers, $470,000

33 Taylor St.: Wells Fargo Bank Minn NA to Bruce and Jane Lawson, $200,500


30 Beacon St.: William J. Bertolino to Michael J. and Christine A. Pecoraro, $599,000

21 Haskell St.: Stephen G. Vaitones to Preston G. Curtis, $392,500

163-b Magnolia Ave.: Dorothy E Stanley T and Cape Ann SB Tr to John J. and Patricia A. Mccarthy, $285,000

87 Woodward Ave.: Eric W. Kristensen to Michelle A. and David P. Nelson, $290,000


1304 Alyssa Drive, Unit 1304: Groveland Dev Corp to Ronald H. Mcgrath, $359,900

15 Marjorie St.: Elizabeth A. and Ronald E. Dickinson to Daniel Dinan, $225,000

14 Merrimack River Road: Armand R. and Brenda D. Stgermain to Philip G. Laroche, $825,000


3 Erins Way: Robert F. Johnston to Gaye E. and Joshua A. Webber, $1,300,000


37 17th Ave., Unit 37: FNMA to Michelle R. Desroches, $225,100

45 7 Sister Road: Salem Five Cents SB and Vantage Enterprises LLC to Salem Five Cents SB, $345,000

101 7 Sister Road: Overlook Homes LLC and Salem Five Cents SB to Salem Five Cents SB, $445,000

14 7th Ave.: Dennis Howard and US Bk to US Bk, $223,493

3 Baypoint Lane, Unit 3: Baypoint Lane LLC to Nancy Giorgio, $302,900

39 Beechwood Drive: Klockow RT and Dennis H. Klockow to Joseph M. and Christine M. Demonaco, $390,000

181 Broadway: Isabelle M. Clay to Charles H. and Susanne Morse, $210,000

61 Brook St.: Robert J. Nelson to Karen D. and Adam L. Lawson, $227,000

7-9 Clinton St., Unit 3: David A. Anderson and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $105,000

30 Davis St.: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to David A. and David E. Renaud, $135,000

3 Elijah St.: Harold Norton to Shawn M. and Nicole M. Norton, $265,000

38 Glen Meadow Rd Unit 38: Radica Taufeeque to Jared and Nancy B. Atwater, $195,000

30 Jefferey Ln Unit 30: Barbara A. and Joseph J. Reitano to Teofilo Betances, $275,000

40 L St.: Kevin B. Prescott to Kristen E. and Wayne R. Davis, $270,000

156 Lake St.: Edwin and Patricia Johnson T and Patricia S. Johnson to Scott Richards, $3,500

14 Magnavista Dr: Stephen M. Smolak to Christopher A. and Gilliane M. Melvin, $398,500

50-52 Margin St.: Joanne Trainito and HSBC Mtg Svcs Inc to HSBC Mortgage Svcs Inc, $145,000

243 Mill St.: Cynthia Lewis and Debra L. Warshawsky to Michael and Sharon Cieslik, $325,000

440 North Ave., Unit 157: Noufel Saissi and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $115,488

440 North Ave., Unit 174: Denise M. and Michael M. Santos to Ana and Ana P. Rodrigues, $163,000

10 Oliver St Unit A: George and Linda Wood to Tina A. Consoli, $195,000

134 Orchard Hill Rd: Jason M. and Pamela Bukowski to Christine W. and Robert H. Marshall, $377,000

37 Vernon St: Kenneth D. and Mary Snider to Devin S. Cronin and Caitlin J. Orroth, $258,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 16: Edward M. and Mihail E. Pantazi to Kimberly K. Demille, $189,000

67-69 Webster St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co and New Century Home Equity T to Edwin and Edwin J. Castillo, $255,000

21 Wingate St Unit 302: Jason W. Davis to Crystal L. Daugherty, $127,000


10-12 Basswood St.: Mercedes Damiron and Bank Of New York to Bank Of New York, $283,410

60 Chickering Road: Maynard S. Flynn and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $219,000

69 Exeter St.: DB Structured Products and First Select Portfo Svcs to Darlene R. Derosas, $230,000

75-77 Greenwood St.: Pedro Lozado and JP Morgan Chase Bank to Homesales Inc, $216,750

7-9 Hall St: Bank Of New York to Hampshire Street LLC, $82,500

176 Howard St.: Maria and John Giuffrida to Eduard J. Samboy-Perez, $172,300

11-a Kenneth St.: J Raymond R. and Joseph R. Leboeuf to Maritza A. Colon and Miguel Rodriguez, $265,000

2 Lexington St.: Rosa M. Hamdi to Maria Bencosme, $58,000

13 Woodland St.: Luis Ramirez and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $221,000


No transactions in this town


No transactions in this town


143 Armstrong Ave., Unit B: Jeffco Inc to Maria Soledad M. and Maria Victoria Morado, $279,900

3 Autumn Lane: Wan Chul and Debbie Shin to Terence F. Ekwi and Linda M. Che, $353,000

171-175 Broadway: Broadway RT and Kevin J. Barry to Andre Skutul and Joseph Elkhoury, $540,000

90 Brown St,: Paul F. and Beth E. Errico to Jonathan P. and Candice V. Gangi, $230,000

34 Burnham Road, Unit 402: Riverside Drive LLC to Dean M. Zolubos, $234,900

7 Church St.: Charles R. and Katherine A. Kearn to Maria Mactaggart, $215,000

8 Church St.: Joseph Depetrillo to Todd R. Lavallee and Rebecca J. Steinman, $235,000

19 Constitution Way, Unit 19: Samir and Sadia Fathi to Kristine A. Larkin, $183,000

196 East St.: Vito Paterno to Arihant Corp, $400,000

45 Haverhill St.: Kung Soo Kim to Soo Mi Park, $80,000

104-106 Perry Ave: Cecile Howard and Cecile Pilgrim-Howard to Cecile Howard, $20,000

85 Riverdale St.: Timothy S. and Kim Ford to Concetta and Michael Sasso, $305,000

54 Sevoian Drive: Frederick and Lorraine C. Hardy to Robert Mansour and Carla Aoun, $280,000


6 24th St.: Frederick L. Guthrie to Leslie A. Ferlazzo, $949,000

60 Hanover St.: Laura Gorka T and Janice M. Oberti to Mary A. Sylva, $440,000

224 Newburyport Turnpike, Unit 224: Andrew S. Nalesnik to Francis L. Walker, $275,000


11 Basin St.: Debra A. and Kevin J. Raftery to Lynne and Lynne A. Petty, $1,866,000

16-b Harbor St., Unit 14: Yeomans 76 NT and Robert E. Yeomans to Catherine D. Hawkins, $340,000

16 Harbor St., Unit A: Yeomans 76 NT and Robert Yeomans to Catherine D. Hawkins, $340,000

50 Marlboro St.: Roger W. Cramer to Annalee Johnson, $490,000

11 Pine St., Unit 3: Pamela Irene Roberts to Mark M. Hamel, $158,900

102 State St., Unit C: Lynn E. Weiser and Stephen L. Dunkel to Raymond and Kim M. Henry, $290,000

129 State St., Unit B: Jane and Jesse Ciccone to Heather J. Mackinnon and Phoebe L. Lonborg, $365,000

6 Woodman Way, Unit 202: Kerrin F. Cuffe-morley and Kerrin F. Cuffe to Stephen L. Dunkel, $260,000


196 Andover St.: Morgan Stanley Cred Corp to David P. Merritt, $310,000

19 Beaver Brook Road: Ronald F. Novello to William M. and Diane C. Hastings, $785,000

275 Dale St.: William M. and Diane C. Hastings to Peter A. and Patricia J. Money, $575,000

168 Gray St.: Litchfield Co Inc to Erik Collart and Karine Brouns, $680,000

410 Great Pond Road: Peter S. and Jennifer M. Tsahalis to Young Chan Park and Jinah Seo, $1,174,000

855 Great Pond Road: PMR RT and Paul M. Russell to Oleksandr Stupnytskyi and R Kanyuk-stoupnitska, $799,000

20 Lavender Circle: Brian P. and Gerry-lynn Darcy to Kristan and Corina Hopkins, $750,000

165 Mill Road: David B. and Jennifer A. Hout to Kristen A. Comeau and Michael Odiorne, $515,000

40 Palomino Drive: Nancy S. Moren to Ruth Rodriguez and Hugo Robles, $642,500

89 Phillips Common: Cartus Financial Corp to Nancy S. Moren, $474,900

16 Sutton Place: CBS T and Lisa Ann Shaheen to William and Lucy Swanson, $530,000

86 Turnpike St.: Yuriy and Olga Orlov to Mary and Genevieve Andretti, $316,940

30 Wentworth Ave.: Wells Fargo Bk and Countrywide Home Svcs to Matthew E. Collins, $243,000


3 East St.: Warren Smith to Frank M. Brachanow, $213,200

193 Elm St., Unit 514: Rowe Farm Dev LLC to Joshua A. Goldstein, $525,000

44 Main St., Unit 11: Kevin F. Mccabe to Robert Keane, $148,000

50 Mount Vernon St., Unit 14: Mount Vernon Nrea LLC and Anastasia Xhuti to Anastasia Xhuti and Evangelos K. Roukliotis, $164,000

496 Park St.: David M. Taylor to Genevieve and James A. Ruszkowski, $260,000

5 Vine St.: Mary G. Arnim to Armina and Daniel P. Seaman, $311,001


6 Berry St.: Rogerio G. Silva and MERS to Bank Of New York, $330,321

12 Canterbury Drive: Patricia J. and Robert A. Hall to Severino A. and Jennifer Lynne Vargas, $335,000

19 Castle Circle: Beau C. and Courtney E. Bonfanti to Thomas S. Ectman and Denisa Pulleja-ectman, $405,000

11 Cedar Grove Ave.: Robin Sutherland, guardian, and Ruth Barrell to Janice and Janice A. Calichman, $265,000

8 Crowninshield St., Unit 207: P 1 Series Peabody Xing to Shawn Brophy, $235,000

10 Crowninshield St., Unit 405: P 1 Series Peabody Xing to Robert A. Hall, $303,000

26 Curwen Road: Christine A. and Thomas S. Sohegian to Steven J. Colucci and Julie C. Bobik, $405,000

51 Driscoll St.: Michael A. and Susan L. Deangelis to Patrick M. Golden, $299,999

25 Greenwood Road: Kim and William G. Fuller to Scott and Julie J. Pizzo, $350,000

11 Gwinnett Road: Rie Takahashi-kent and Robert D. Kent to Paul D. and Heidi Pina, $290,000

4 Howard Ave.: Donna M. and Eric C. Ricci to Peter F. Lendall, $359,000

30 Nickerson Road: Lisa and Robert L. Magnarelli to Lauren Mallon, $228,000

57 Northend St.: Manu and Salustiano S. Cunha to Brian J. Marshall and Jennifer M. Puglisi, $395,000

901 Pine Brook Drive, Unit 901: Jeffrey JS Mancarella to Julie A. Gianferri, $355,000

15 Plymouth Road: Gelin Elliott H Est and Eric J. Gelin to Julie A. Bettencourt and Thad D. Broughton, $387,500

43 Raymond Circle: Nelson Erwin W Est and Bruce E. Nelson to Tracy A. Donovan, $299,000

25 Roosevelt Ave.: Patricia A. and George B. Smallis to Wells Fargo Fncl Mass Inc, $350,000

11 Sachem Road: Joan E. Tonner and Joan Evelyn Cahill to Karen A. Hayes and Dana J. Heiser, $375,000

12 Sanborn St.: George R. Medeiros to Christopher Demarco, $380,000

11 Sarah's Way: Teresa A. Noone to Donna and Eric Ricci, $480,000

11 Sarah's Way: Teresa A. Noone to Donna and Eric Ricci, $480,000

8 Winona St.: Alice Antreasian to Eight Winona RT, $349,900


2-6 Main St.: Peter A. Goodwin to Stone Barn LLC, $640,000

21 Railroad Ave.: Marcia E. Adm-oneil to Rockport RE Assn Inc, $525,000

50 South St.: Rockport Lodge Inc to Armand D. Aparo, $300,000


870 Haverhill St., Unit 34: 870 Haverhill Street LLC to Kathryn V. Tolios, $115,000

870 Haverhill St., Unit 33: 870 Haverhill Street LLC to Alyssa Discipio, $89,900

870 Haverhill St., Unit 3b: 870 Haverhill Street LLC to Michael J. Hart, $92,900

23 Mehaffey Lane: Lonnie J. Weaver to James A. and Monika L. Gallo, $540,000

16 Merrills Way: Carolyn and Charles L. Waite to Arnold P. Sholler, $479,000


6 Amanda Way: Osborne Hills Realty Trust and Paul Dibiase to Marie Roche, $489,900

34 America Way, Unit 3: Eleanor C. Dubin to Ralph M. Giller, $389,000

32 Barstow St.: Wells Fargo Bk to Edward E. Vick and Liza J. Sovie, $275,000

5 Berube Road: Hugo M. Robles and Ruth Rodriguez to Susan M. Hayes and Hector F. Lopez, $342,000

4 Blaney St., Unit 5: 4 Blaney St Salem RT and Gary H. Palardy to Michele T. Cormier, $343,000

156 Bridge St., Unit A: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Steven Smith, $135,000

26 Carlton St., Unit 1: Brad Andrew Phillips to Charles B. Hennigar, $220,000

26 Carlton St., Unit 2: Brad Andrew Phillips to Ariel Martin Cone, $215,000

19 Cedarcrest Ave.: Joanne R. and Richard A. Jeffery to Colleen S. Bruce, $354,000

81/2 Center St.: Ronald B. Robinson and US Bk to US Bk, $261,000

20 Central St., Unit 310: Gweneth M. Callahan to Cory D. Vogt, $175,000

6 Charles St., Unit 1: Sarah J. Lawrence to Anneke M. Tryzelaar, $225,500

11 Church St., Unit 114: John B Davis T and John B. Davis to Nicholas J. and Mariann Horgan, $180,000

11 Church St., Unit 519: Dana P. Jordan to Eleanor A. Supple, $191,000

90 Congress St., Unit 4r: Suzanne E. Harvey to Stacey L. Decaro, $129,900

31 Fort Ave.: Conners Frederick D., estate, and Jason E. Conners to Tomasz Z. Wegiel, $239,600

41 Harbor St., Unit: Harbor Edge LLC to Bryan C. Bettencourt, $190,000

2 Linden St., Unit 1: Niamh Dolan to Sharon and David A. Moulton, $222,500

13 March St., Unit 3: Wells Fargo Bk to Michelle R. Farrell, $167,500

10 Ravenna Ave.: Teresa A. Mahoney and Teresa A. Phillips to Brenda and Charles Hines, $389,000

29 Settlers Way, Unit 29: Catherine S. Marquardt to William P. Dion, $525,000

14 Thorndike St.: Tania Tavares and US Bk to US Bk, $195,000


170 Beach Road, Unit 42: Arthur Paul and Linda M. Dangelo to Ernie Dagostino, $424,300

20 Cable Ave., Unit 13: William Sobolewski and Fidelity Bk to Fidelity Bk, $213,504

3 Lions Way: Lorelei A. and Michael J. Chirichiello to Fern A. Brown, $200,000

11 Railroad Ave., Unit A2: Julie M. and Trevor P. Shreeve to Mary E. Goward, $325,000


14 Woodside Road: Drusilla A. Carroll and James L. Mahen to Gerald and Gerald J. Topping, $476,500


97 Cedar St.: Mark D. Coppola to Jeremy and Jeremy A. Friedman, $1,620,000

30 Parsons Hill Road: Mary Taylor-Davekos to Zachary D. and Janet V. Soolman, $815,000

21 Porter St.: Linda A. Ahearn and Linda A. Mcdavitt to Rise M. Sheehan, $460,000


5 Bridge St.: Frances A. and Thomas J. Flaherty to Patrick J. and Kristin S. Flaherty, $350,000

547 Main St.: Donald S. Schneiders to Jesse and Jane E. Ciccone, $420,000

41 Meeting House Hill Road: Eagle Builders Corp to Donna L. Viselli, $359,000