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July 14, 2013

Camaro gets a playful new edition

The most expensive Hot Wheels car you can buy will set you back about $44,000. That’s a hefty mark-up when you consider that most Hot Wheels go for something like two bucks at WalMart and Toys-R-Us and such places.

Those two-dollar varieties are quite a bargain when you think about all the delight the 2-inch toy cars have brought to little boys since Mattel first started selling the Hot Wheels series in 1968. How could they miss? Hot Wheels are fun, fanciful, imaginative little racers that kids can guide along their bedroom floors while they envision high-speed stunts amid rumbles and roars from powerful engines.

The $44,000 variation emits real rumbles and roars from legitimately powerful engines. At nearly 16 feet in length, it is something like 9,500 percent larger than one of Mattel’s little cars. Four people can climb inside it. One of them, the driver of the Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Special Edition, will experience thrills and street adventures as satisfying as anything a little kid imagines on his bedroom floor.

The Hot Wheels Special Edition is a new member of Chevy’s Camaro family in 2013. Just introduced, the unique appearance package is available on the more expensive, upper trim levels of both the V6-powered and V8-powered Camaro.

The Hot Wheels treatment adds $6,995 to the price. It gives the car distinguishing details that don’t exactly make the Camaro look like a toy. The compact, agile model is too sleekly masculine and aggressively styled to look like a toy. But it becomes suitably playful with features like a stand-out blue metallic paint job, a wide, matte-black stripe that runs longitudinally from bumper to bumper, and big, black wheels with a narrow red outline stripe.

But the coolest feature by far is the Hot Wheels name and zippy flame logo stuck all over the car. It’s stitched into the front seats, decaled onto inner door trim, placed on door sills, applied to the grille and trunk lid, and emblazoned on the fenders.

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