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July 21, 2013

Column: Hazy days on Beacon Hill: Anyone seen a budget?


Meanwhile, Obamacare is falling apart, with the business community getting a delay in the mandatory tax and unions finally noticing it’s costing them full-time, middle-class jobs.

Another political “duh” moment. Tell them there’ll be a new tax and lots of paperwork on companies who have more than 50 employees and suddenly companies lay off a few, don’t hire the 51st, divide themselves into two companies, share part-time employees with other similar companies. You could work at one fast-food restaurant in the morning, another in the afternoon, no benefits.

So far this year the number of part-time jobs in the country has climbed by 557,000. The number of full-time U.S. workers fell by 240,000 in June.

Ongoing government “duh” moment. As the economy continues to drive in low gear, both federal and state Democrat politicians want to increase the minimum wage. Incredibly, according to the Washington Post, the City Council of Washington, D.C., just passed a local law requiring Walmart to pay $12.50 an hour; the company is threatening to pull out of three planned sites for stores that would anchor malls serving the low-income residents of that Democrat-run city.

Overwhelmed by politics, we must ask: where are the lazy, hazy days of summer we used to sing about and enjoy?

Barbara Anderson of Marblehead is executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation.

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