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September 15, 2012

Trading places in Massachusetts

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---- — ANDOVER

10-r Azalea Drive: Anthony J. and Ami L. Mirabito to David E. Workman, $824,318

10-r Azalea Drive: Anthony J. and Ami L. Mirabito to David E. Workman, $824,318

3 Ballardvale Road: Donna F. and Michael R. Sewall to Gregory T. and Sarah W. Famiglietti, $390,000

9 Greybirch Road: John T. and Karen E. Lu to Liang Fan and Lian Zhang, $627,000

2 Hickory Lane: James D. Kronenwetter and Saleha A. Walsh to Mario A. and Jennifer L. Iocco, $604,500

19 Inwood Lane: Daniel and Cheryl A. Hughes to Paul B. and Ming Z. Dao, $660,000

4 Island Way: Robert J. and Janice M. Griffin to Michael R. and Donna F. Sewall, $669,900

4 Langley Lane: Francis X. and Patricia M. Mccall to Alfred J. Falco and Wei Guo, $643,000

13 Lucerne Drive: Gentz IRT and Marie J. Gentz to Mark R. Couture and Karen L. Mcsweeney, $385,000

3 Penacook Pl: George J. and Mary T. Pesaturo to Richard J. and Nadine J. Lebranti, $844,000

38 River Road: Lynn M. Hodges to Henia Yacubowicz, $290,000

16 Rocky Hill Road: Stephen M. Gadziala to Michael Bruno, $375,000

52 Salem St.: Mark S. and Julie A. Kuzio to Robert and Mindy Hines, $723,000

207 Shawsheen Road: Spiro C. Pappadopoulos to Rady and Kretcha Roldan, $465,000

1 Spencer Ct.: William and Arlene R. Patterson to Michael and Mary R. Luther, $780,000

22 Tiffany Lane: James J. and Arlette L. Tanin to Kyle M. and Kara M. Geiselman, $564,000

51 Woodland Road: Karen A. Mello to John T. and Karen E. Lu, $600,000


41 Pond St.: Nancy Gambale to Juan C. and Alma L. Rave, $465,000

64 Pye Brook Lane: Kristen M. Massaro to Paul E. and Andrea Cox, $605,000


98 Autumn Road: Daniel J. and Michelle A. Choate to Reynold M. and Rebecca S. Lescarbeau, $270,000

315 Broadway Road Unit 7: Erin C. Dermartino and New York Community Bank to New York Community Bank, $96,000

8 Coburn Ave.: Kathleen F. Manty to Kelly J. Dolliver, $150,000

23 Cranberry Road: Christopher R. Valrose to Laura M. Vitale, $325,000

19 Dadak Drive: Obrien Homes LLC to Michael and Christine M. Okeffe, $424,900

41 Dadak Drive: Obrien Homes LLC to Albino and Maria Gouveia, $424,900

395 Donohue Road Unit 1: David and Tatiana C. Mangold to Megan Keleher, $160,000

94 Forest Park Road: Peter M. and Sandra L. Resendes to Bryant M. Porter, $219,600

25 Glen Ave.: Gianluca and Jennifer Baviello to Savy R. Ros, $280,000

36 Glennon Ave.: Carol Kostopulos to WDL Real Estate Services, $74,000

888 Hildreth St.: Donald W. and Ann S. Cameron to WDL Real Estate Services, $68,000

60 Hillcrest Road: Barbar Pytlinski to Francis T. Lannen, $210,000

68 Lantern Lane Unit 4: Stacey Rocheville to Jane M. Webber, $64,000

100 Merrimack Ave. Unit 117: Karen Scelzo to Roberta Wilson, $140,000

49 Parker Ave. Unit 12: Matthew Milonopoulos to Ethel M. Kenney, $75,000

155 Passaconaway Drive: John F. and Barbara M. Mcniff to Michael B. Gouthro and Patricia A. Adams, $240,000

35 School St Unit 13: FHLM to Thomas and Marianne Berube, $73,000

236 Sladen St.: Stephen F. and Crystal A. Laduke to Nena R. Proeung and Stephen S. Yang, $180,000

105 Tennis Plaza Road Unit 9: FNMA to Kate Griffin-brooks, $139,900

105 Tennis Plaza Road Unit 9: Edward Muchai and Bank of America NA to FNMA, $212,119

124 Tennis Plaza Road Unit 8: HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Amy E. Clement, $125,000

98 Valley Road: FNMA to Moses M. Kirori, $139,900


1 Birch Tree Drive Unit 1: Natalie M. and Thomas Sartorelli to Scott and Deanna Shelley, $575,000

2-3 Farm Lane: LB Foster Co. to Cianbro Fabrication and Coa, $1,416,379

6 Littles Hill Lane Unit 15: Charles A. and Megan C. Wheeler to Matthew K. and Tamera R. Murphy, $660,000


112 Gardner St.: Daniel R. Richmond to Joseph and Amy Dubow, $330,000

289 Washington St.: Mariano Cepeda to Daniel A. and Kim A. Downey, $535,000


1-3 Angle St Unit 39-40: Diesel Properties Mgmt to Niovis Paulino and Jose Cordero, $295,000

3 Arlington Pl: Seamus and Erin Gallagher to Benjamin W. and Deborah A. Costello, $349,000

42 Arlington St.: FHLM to FBC 19-62 LLC, $92,000

2 Bartlett Ct.: FNMA to Three Palms LLC, $66,000

11 Beechwood Drive: Rickenbacker FT and A L. Rickenbacker to Sandra L. Knox, $260,000

22 Bennington St.: Thomas Kachoris to Robin M. Townsend, $197,000

187 Brickett Hill Circle Unit 187: Jay T. Whitney to Lawrence E. and Lisa A. Matthias, $220,000

4 Carriage Hill Road: Matthew and Danielle L. Miele to Jennifer Beaudoin, $314,000

160 Cedar St.: Rhonda Haggan and Douglas R. Dutil to Gold Star Homes LLC, $130,000

103 Cogswell St.: Stephen A. Lucia to Craig and Kathleen Jarrett, $155,000

362 E Broadway: Merrill Avenue Corp. to Elizabeth A. Masse and Teresa J. Burtoft, $610,000

5 Germain Ave. Unit 2: Dawn Martin-ryan to Kevin Mooradian, $114,000

22 Glen Meadow Road Unit 22: Rita M. Rice to Maureen Licciardi, $140,000

131 Hilldale Ave.: FM 611 Ltd to Steven Hinch, $52,000

12 Juniper Wood Drive: Attilio J. and Sandra W. Tenaglia to Daniel K. and Janet E. Mcgee, $320,000

18 Justin St.: David F. and Kathryn C. Fielding to Frank A. Rubino, $222,500

214 Lawrence St.: Gillis Annmarie Est and Donna Wolffe to Jessica L. Trulli, $249,900

1 Magnavista Drive: Jennifer and Casey Knutson to Robert B. and Lynne D. Scott, $374,900

925 N Broadway: Chris Coastal LLC to Brian Bibeau, $319,900

40 North St.: Tolosko Realty Trust and Raymond J. Tolosko to Risk Capital LLC, $152,500

34-36 Park St.: FNMA to Mahmoud Shahin, $176,000

655 Primrose St.: Hillner Charles 3rd Est and Charles Hillner to Abigail and Marielle Alce, $165,000

59 Race St.: Nancy C. Kennedy to Charles V. and Sue E. Oblom, $299,000

211-213 River St Unit 1: Konstantinos Kritikos to Kathryn M. Consalvo, $35,000

51 Saint Botolph St Unit 2: Ryan J. Titcomb to Jason Tufts and Sarah J. Pringle, $160,000

46 Seven Sister Road Unit 21: Pankaj Rana to Richard F. and Linda Gilmore, $586,000

19 Shelby Circle Unit 4a: Torromeo Industries Inc. to Edelgard D. and Wayne D. Epp, $335,000

645 W Lowell Ave. Unit A211: Brian Verschoor to Patricia Medeiros, $76,000

24 Washington St Unit 201: Daniel A. Beaulieu to Paul S. Wilkins, $115,000

371 Willow Ave. Unit D: Elaine M. Lostimolo to Joyce C. Mckew, $260,000

128 Wrentham Road Unit 192a: FNMA to Jeremy Carlson, $160,000


24-26 Abbott St.: Ramon Javier to Gerimias Guerrero-sosa, $98,000

324 Andover St.: Evelyn Porter to JMG Andover Street Realty, $25,000

75 Byron Ave.: Barbara L. and Joseph Giguere to Belkys Ramirez, $168,000

454 Essex St.: Ministerio Apostolico Jes to Centro C. Delasalvacion, $300,000

62-64 Kent St Unit B: FHLM to Hilkenny S. Ortiz, $50,000

105-107 Market St.: Clifford J. Bourie to Margarita T. Brito, $254,000

98 Newton St.: E&G Realty Trust and Eddy I. Guzman to Zoila Navarro and Iosvani R. Ramirez, $137,000

105-107 Park St.: Charles Hope Cos LLC to Hope To Act LLC, $34,999

66-68 Salem St.: Carrington Mortgage Loan and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.. to NSP Residential LLC, $122,000

66-68 Salem St.: NSP Residential LLC to 66 Salem Street Realty Trust and Carlos J. Polanco, $161,200

44-46 Sanborn St.: Kenneth F. Hoogvliets to Pedro Almanzar-thomas, $170,000

27-29 Trenton St.: Arlington Community Traba to Hope To Act LLC, $35,999

262-266 Water St.: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Jesus M. Trejo, $75,000


54 Arnold St.: William A. Rainville and Nancy Hughes to Joseph Manganaro and Kaylah M. Frazier, $250,000

18 Birchwood Road: Brian J. and Alan F. Susi to Piera Calatabianca-colema, $187,500

7 Carroll St.: Maureen Poirier to David R. Burnham and Alycia D. Souris, $205,000

39 Christopher Drive Unit 63: Lucia A. Cote to Chritstopher L. Davy, $160,000

15 Concord St.: Richard R. and Tamie Genest to Mark Bouchard, $194,000

55 Derry Road: Jose Alexandre to Rui F. America, $230,000

174 Edgewood Ave.: MJC Development Corp. to Kenneth G. Clifford and Linda A. Breckenridge, $312,500

8 Emmett Ave.: Mary A. Pollard to Derrick P. Marsan, $245,000

19 Hampshire Road Unit 301: Webster Frist FCU to Leccese 2010 FT and Michael A. Leccese, $135,000

235 Hampshire Road: Richard C Ramsden RET and Lyn M. Ramsden to Jan K. Quiles and Sarah C. Bourouphael, $258,000

62-64 Hampshire St.: S&M Santangelo Realty Trust and Mary Santangelo to Peter and Stephanie N. Aznoian, $135,000

7 Hartshorne Way Unit 7: Toll MA Land LP to Wesley W. Hou and Christina L. Li, $504,679

12 Haverhill St.: EKA Realty Trust and Vasilios Sidiropoulos to Sharif and Rasida Shaikh, $500,000

7 Hemlock Ave.: Modestina R. Ferraro to Densy F. Rosa-lora and Jacqueline Tejada, $240,000

25 Hopkins Circle Unit 25: Toll MA Land LP to Joel J. Edelstein and Charlotte J. Lynch, $386,989

15 Kerri Ann Circle: Reserve At Merrimack Vall to Paula Realty Trust and Joseph S. Pauta, $499,900

114 Lowell St.: Dilek and Ibrahim Karasahin to Serkan Ozdemir, $195,000

188 Lowell St.: Andrea L. Williams-mejia and John R. Mejia to Manit Vogel and Sakwasan Leesomsa, $247,000

472 Prospect St.: INDX Mortgage Loan T2006-ar6 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.. to La Belle Maison LLC, $140,261

15 Rivers Edge Pl: Keith and Jennifer A. Gibbons to Brandi L. and Samuel Kwong, $325,000

829 Riverside Drive: Peter L. and Mary L. Lesaffre to Judith Abreu, $192,000

11 Russell St.: Buggea FT and Marie Cynewski to Mahmoud Y. and Omar Y. Shahin, $100,000

34 Sugar Hill Circle: Louis A Gemellaro LT and Louis Gemellaro to Mary R. Sullivan, $314,900

19 Sycamore Road: Roger and Linda R. Harvey to Eric W. Kaatz, $334,900

20 Washington St Unit 42: Sheilah M. Carrozza and Seana Mulcahy to Maryellen Mcdermott, $157,000

45 Washington St Unit 88: Barbara and Dudley H. Farquhar to Joshua S. Gray, $137,500

7 Yvonne Lane: James J. and Kimberly A. Dunphy to John R. and Barbara J. Gettys, $472,000


55 Blue Ridge Road: Allison M. and Markell K. Blount to Justin J. and Dana Perry, $415,000

402 Boxford St.: Mckew Realty Trust and Howard J. Mckew to Karen A. Mello and Shelley L. Jackson, $770,000

3 Breckenridge Road: Karen G. and Kenneth F. Diraffael to Jose A. Rico and Kerry M. Hughes-rico, $666,500

105 Carlton Lane: Micha Barnum to Peter and Emily Cordaro, $572,500

42 Empire Drive: Orchard Village LLC to Casey W. and Jasmine R. Russo, $446,000

680 Foster St.: Catherine F. Clarke to David P. and Joanne Dupuis, $285,000

350 Greene St Unit 307: Broderick John F Est and Karen Small to Linda M. Dean, $220,000

350 Greene St Unit 104: Patricia J. and Bruce W. Pettengill to Nancy K. Abel, $230,000

37 Kingston St Unit 37: Wendy A. and Robert C. Wilson to Angelo L. Palermo, $147,000

95 Leanne Drive: Joseph J. Lutsky and Jennifer A. Lloyd to Jeffrey and Lisa K. Zimmerman, $718,000

26-r Main St.: Rear Lot LLC to Jeffco Inc., $200,000

140 Mill Road: Sandra and Raymond Knox to Wanda C. Metcalf and Geoff Steckel, $430,000

24 Patton Lane: Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Kristen N. Lobdell and Richard E. Oconnell, $497,500

24 Patton Lane: Ashley Collins and Gineau Grandmain to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $497,500

74 Prospect St.: Patrick J. and Jennifer L. Swan to Claudia J. Soohoo and Benjamin A. Oleary, $325,000

106 Rocky Brook Road: Jon D. and Anne M. Waisnor to Aleksandr N. and Irina Shneyderman, $590,000

6 Thorndike Road: Deborah and Richard Smith to Stefanos Tsoukalas, $285,000

2 Walker Road Unit 8: Aronov FT and Michael Aronov to Full Digital Control Vent, $84,000

3 Walker Road Unit 12: Pamela M. and On Son to Marsel Novak, $126,500

15 Wintergreen Drive: Kenric M Anderberg RET and Kenric M. Anderberg to Jason and Hilary Coolidge, $512,500


23 Burroughs Road: Dimas E. Camacho to Adam R. Stocker, $260,000

249 Elm St.: Sean M. and Kimberly Mckenna to David Matrona and Melissa Williams, $477,300

6 Greenbriar Drive Unit 307: James R. Carey to Douiglas R. Gourley, $120,000

12 Little Meadow Way: JOZ Development LLC to Matthew and Stephanie Lundy, $952,000

270 Main St Unit 6: Julia A. Eidukonis to Deirdre A. Kelley, $128,000

8 North St.: Charles E. Dillon to Winwin Props LLC, $160,000

12 Nutter Road: Charles V. and Sue E. Oblom to Victoria E. Flett, $500,000

1 Railroad Ave.: Edmonson John F Est and David R. Lucas to Richard Cresta, $110,000


142 Beach Road: James E. Leavitt and Citimortgage Inc. to FHLM, $142,086