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May 11, 2014

New Cadenza puts Kia on a higher road


With the Kia brand’s widescale and growing acceptance, the new-concept Cadenza is capturing attention from shoppers who include current drivers of top-level luxury cars, reports Daher of Commonwealth.

“We’ve had some people trade in Mercedes and BMWs,” he said. Often they come to Cadenza because its price in the mid $30,000s to lower $40,000s compares to the ticket price on entry-level luxury cruisers from those brands. But the models in that price range sold by Mercedes, BMW and other big-name luxury brands are smaller, compact vehicles compared to the full-size Cadenza.

“Some people want a larger car while they stay in something that’s premium quality,” Daher said.

Cadenza’s generous size also brings in current Kia owners who want to advance to a larger and more luxurious car but who also want to stick with the Kia brand.

“We’ve sold quite a few to younger people who owned Optimas and wanted to step up to something nicer,” Daher said.

In the Cadenza, they’re finding a style that is refreshingly new, he noted.

“It has a look about it that is overwhelming people. It has a pizzazz that separates it from other models,” he said.

Buyers also appreciate the features and equipment packed into Cadenza, said Daher.

“It gives people a lot of the things that they look for, but they don’t have to pay more for them, like they would with another brand,” he explained.

For example, an advanced navigation system that reports real-time travel information is standard in Cadenza. “And Kia has one of the best navigation systems out there in terms of ease-of-use,” Daher said. In the second of Cadenza’s two trim levels, the panoramic glass roof is the largest available in a sedan of its size class, he stated.

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