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December 1, 2012

Forget about cold calling, just eat your spinach


If there’s a secret:

It’s to attract new customers, not provoke them.

It’s to build value-based relationships with existing customers, not ignore them.

It’s to be proactive in a positive way, not call and ask, “Who’s in charge?

It’s to approach the process of getting new customers in a better, smarter way, because there is no worse or dumber way than cold calling.

Here’s my eat-your-spinach plan for you, the 7.5 one-a-day strategies that will earn you 10 times what the cold call will produce, build your reputation, and keep your customers loyal:

1. Visit one customer a day. Talk to the people that love you and already buy from you. Find out why they do and ask them if you can record it on your smart phone. Video is best. Just a documented minute about their “why.” NOTE WELL: If you are reluctant to do this, it,s because your relationship with the customer is weak or non-existent.

2. Have coffee with one customer a day. Start your day at 7 a.m. Build the relationship. Talk family. Share passions and goals. Look for ways to help. Look for ways to connect again. DO NOT ASK FOR BUSINESS OR REFERRALS. Keep it social.

3. Give one referral a day. This is a revelation, and an overlooked golden opportunity to most salespeople. Think of the WOW your customer will have when you refer business to them and think of the value you’ll build at the end of a year.

4. Attend one face-to-face networking event a day. Don’t just show up. Show up prepared. Meet new people. Get involved in the group. Give a speech on the value of giving value. This will help you become known as a person of value.

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