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December 1, 2012

Forget about cold calling, just eat your spinach


5. Make a wish list of five potential customers and post a daily value message for them. Incorporate your prospects and your customers into your outreach. When you name them by name, their search will uncover YOU!

6. Get business social media savvy. Write and tag every day. Post one customer compliment a day. Post one idea every day.

7. Start a meaningful blog. Something that can give valuable information to those you seek to connect with. Start by posting the qualities of your best customers. Feature them, not you.

7.5 Wake up and write. It’s the foundation of your messaging and communication success. It’s been my personal secret for the past 20 years -- and I plan to do the same for the next 20.

The big secret is, you gotta do everything on the spinach list. That’s the “work” part. The good news is it’s all positive work. It’s career building, value building, reputation building, relationship building, sales building, attitude building, pride building, and success building work. All the things cold calling is NOT, and will never be.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Bluto.

Want a few more non-cold-calling ideas? Go to www.gitomer.com and enter the words WASTE OF TIME in the GitBit box.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of “The Sales Bible,” “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless, “ “The Little Red Book of Selling” and other books. His website, www.gitomer.com, will lead you to more information about training, seminars, and webinars -- or email him personally at salesman@gitomer.com.

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