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March 10, 2013

Subaru is flavored for our local tastes

Subaru is like a great microbrewery making fabulous beer that stirs passion and loyalty from in-the-know fans but that still pales in size next to Budweiser, Coors or even Corona.

Around here we might miss that fact about Subaru’s size, because we live in Subaru land where a lot of those loyal and passionate fans reside. In my immediate family we own three, among six drivers in three households. A neighbor has two. You’ll run into a few during any drive to the store to buy Snickers and coffee. You’ll see even more if you make that snack run during one of the mucky days like we saw last week, with on-again/off-again snow, sleet, rain and frozen puddles. That’s because Subaru owners tend to trust their cars more during inclement driving, when road conditions tempt you to just stay home.

Subaru drivers have learned that the smart engineering and all-wheel-drive traction of the Japanese company’s passenger cars and wagons give the vehicles poise and sure-footed stability that exceeds the abilities even of many brawnier models. During snow storms I’ve watched my wife, Donna, in her doughty yet sleek Subaru Impreza, motor past four-wheel-drive pickups and big SUVs that had spun off the road. After driving a famously rugged, high-traction non-Subaru during snowfall in ski country, family-member Scott recently commented that he felt the brute’s tires occasionally slide. For foul roads he preferred his Subaru Baja, Scott said. And that’s a model Subaru stopped making about seven years ago, so it’s missing the company’s more recent advances.

Experiences like that are a large part of what makes Subaru drivers so passionate and true to the brand. It also explains why so many of Subaru’s fanatical followers live in our Merrimack Valley and New England in general. We see so much lousy weather.

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