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September 15, 2013

The most stunning cars at Frankfurt Auto Show

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Maybe we can’t buy — but we can look. The best thing about an auto show is the chance to gawk at and sit in cars most people can’t afford. So here’s a look at a couple of the most striking and expensive new vehicles on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The show opens to the public Saturday and runs through Sept. 22.

FERRARI 458 SPECIALE: Should you need to accelerate to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3 seconds flat and go twice as fast again in another 6.1 seconds, this is your car. The Speciale, flaunting Ferrari’s most powerful V-8 engine ever, has spoilers that swing out to increase downdraft and keep it pinned to the road above 93 mph. Top speed is above 202 mph. Ferrari is also proud of how quickly it can stop: in 400 feet (122 meters), from 124 mph. With its dipped hood, the 458 Speciale is slighter and less muscular-looking than the typical Ferrari. At Frankfurt, it was shown in Ferrari red, with a blue-and-white racing stripe that traces the hood, roof and trunk of the car. The price in Italy starts at 238,000 euros ($315,000).

ASTON MARTIN CC100: The first thing you’ll need to drive this racer is a helmet — and a sunny day. Modeled on the 1950s DBR1 race car, the CC100 has no windscreen, no roof and cutouts in the sides. The 100 stands for Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary and is embossed on the car’s long, elegant hood, just like a racing number.

It looks ready for the track, but it’s entirely street-legal. The V-12 engine can go from rest to 62 mph in a little over four seconds. Top speed: 180 mph.

BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 GRAND SPORT: Bugatti declared this the world’s fastest roadster after it reached a speed of 408.84 kph (254.04 mph) on a German test track. The 16-cylinder engine, visible in the back of the car, packs 1,200 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds. At Frankfurt, the car was shown with two different exteriors: one aluminum-clad — for 1.96 million euros ($2.6 million) — and one black carbon fiber — for 2.28 million euros.

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