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November 30, 2013

Infiniti QX80 stands out from the herd


In addition, the big Infiniti overflows with the most advanced technology you can get in an automobile. With some features packaged into the standard model and some added with the optional, $3,250 Technology Package, the QX80 provides back-up collision warning and back-up collision intervention, which automatically applies the brakes to help prevent a crash. Blind-spot warning with blind-spot intervention, along with lane-departure warning and land-departure intervention, help nudge a moving QX80 back into its lane if the driver lets it drift. Distance-control assist, intelligent cruise control and intelligent brake assist with forward collision warning all work similarly, monitoring the roadway ahead of the SUV, alerting the driver to danger and cutting the throttle and applying the brake when necessary.

Next to those abilities, the model’s around-view monitor with moving-object detection can almost seem commonplace. It’s not. The system, a standard feature in all versions, uses four wide-angle cameras to give a bird’s-eye view of the QX, helping drivers park in tight situations. With front and rear sonar sensors, it warns when a moving object – like a pedestrian or another car – is crossing the Infiniti’s path.

“It has so much technology in it that it’s really on the cutting edge,” said Heney. “But it can also do all the same things that another large SUV can do. You can tow a boat. You can put all your kids’ hockey gear inside. You can put skis on the roof.”

But as an all-out luxury hauler, the QX80 also provides a quality that a lot of other models don’t match, Heney said: prestige.

“When you drive it, you feel like you’re arrived. When you pull up in it, people notice you. It makes you feel good. It makes you stand a little taller,” said Heney.

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