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January 19, 2014

New Cadillac CTS keeps tradition current

The Cadillac CTS has a place all its own among luxury cars. That position lets it match particular tastes, and satisfy specific desires that other glitzy, premium-class autos don’t approach.

For one thing, the CTS is sleekly contemporary and exhilarating. The 2014 model is new, a complete redesign representing the third generation of the sedan that Cadillac calls its “centerpiece.” This updated version looks long and powerfully poised, shaped with the creased, angular panels that have become a trademark look for Cadillac.

The new model has quick, agile and balanced road manners. It offers a choice of three engines that range from satisfying and suitably powerful to screaming fast. Its equipment includes the full measure of entertainment and communication features, and advanced driving aids that make luxury cars today seem wizardly.

Such characteristics make the Cadillac CTS a worthy luxury sport sedan that blends refinement and sophistication with athletic abilities that make driving satisfying and engaging.

But at the same time, the CTS keeps to the Cadillac heritage of elevated comfort and pampering extravagance. The Cadillac brand of General Motors acquired its reputation in the era when American luxury cars stood out for their large size and showy attitude. A lot of drivers still associate those qualities with the GM division. The CTS doesn’t disappoint them.

Significantly, the new version of the sedan is larger than the preceding model it replaces. The 2014 CTS is classified as a mid-size automobile. But dimensions in the mid-size category seem more than just medium today.

Inside the CTS, I experienced the spread-out spaciousness that was a defining feature of luxury cars in years past. I saw the stately sort of dignity that appeals to fans of traditional autos. It was visible in the luster of interior materials, in their heft and substantial construction, in the solidly sculpted shapes that define the car’s dashboard and interior panels. For example, those qualities show strongly in the wide horizontal cap that spreads above the dashboard from the instrument panel to the center stack of cabin controls. They show in the center stack itself, which is prominent, with a big color touchscreen on top and a sweeping downward contour that ends with a tidy chevron pointing to the console between the front seats.

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