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September 30, 2012

The difference between needs, wants and happy customers


What kind of material are you drilling into?

How deep is the hole?

Are you drilling inside or outside?

If you’re trying to show the customer the three-eighths-inch drill “on sale” and the customer needs a half-inch hole, you’re gonna have an unhappy customer. If you know it’s a half-inch hole through a wooden post, you can recommend the right drill, and also tell them they need a “starter hole” with a smaller drill bit to ensure a perfect outcome.

OK, you get it! Drill – hole – want – need – outcome.

But how does this apply to you and your sales?

Well, it applies to every sale that everyone makes – including yours:

I need a filling in my tooth. No, you want to be healthy and pain free.

I need copies. No, you want to send a proposal in color that reflects your image and wins the sale.

I need a new roof. No, you want to hav

e no leaks, and enjoy quality of life.

I need a credit card. No, you don’t have cash, or you don’t want to spend your cash.

I need tickets to a concert. No, your favorite group of all time is playing and you have never seen them before. It’s on your bucket list!

I need to find a restaurant. No, you need to eat.


need new tires. No, how do you use your car now? How many miles are on your present tires? City or highway driving?

I need a flight to New York City. No, why are you going? What will you do after you arrive? Where are you staying?

NOTE WELL: Just because you don’t have what the customer needs, does not mean they no longer need it.

If I call a hotel to book a room and they say, “Sorry, we’re full,” I respond, “Oh, I guess I don’t need a room after all.”

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