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September 1, 2013

New Subaru Forester runs to fun places

If there was an organization or agency that chose an Official Vehicle of New England Recreation, the group would have an easy job. Members could anoint the Subaru Forester, dust off their lapels and head on home to supper.

“We always see people drive in with a roof rack on a Forester that has something different on it, some kind of board, or boat, or ski, or something. I’m never surprised by what it might be,” stated Aaron Singer, owner of Singer Subaru in Plaistow.

“We get a lot of young people with active lifestyles who like how it handles all the things they want to put on the roof or inside the car,” he explained.

Of course, other vehicles also are adept at hauling odd-ball gear. But the Subaru Forester tackles jobs with a down-to-earth, get-it-done attitude that fits so well with rugged activities in the mountains, on lakes and rivers and at the shore. It seems just the right companion for people who want a useful transportation tool rather than a bold and flashy image enhancer.

A big part of that usefulness comes from Forester’s full-time all-wheel-drive abilities. Subaru is a specialist in four-wheel traction. It gives careful attention to issues like weight distribution and even the lengths and angles of power shafts that turn the four wheels. Subaru designs the capability into the core of its cars, rather than merely tack an all-wheel-drive option onto a model that ordinarily is two-wheel drive. That makes Forester a true four-season, all-weather vehicle. Rugged recreation junkies know that.

The 2014 Subaru Forester arrived in the spring as a re-designed, updated and improved model, representing Subaru’s fourth generation of Foresters. With a starting list price of $22,820, the four-door, five-passenger wagon is slightly larger than the version is replaces – with the added size translating into a roomier passenger cabin, noted Singer.

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