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January 7, 2008

Send your letter to Santa


Letters to Santa

Hi santa i LIKE A DORAS KICHEN Thank you. emily then, age 5

Dear Santa, I am writing this letter for my little brother and I. Our house was broken into last Christmas Eve while my mom,little brother and myself were visiting. I would love a new pair of basketball sneakers and my little brother would love a PSP and most of all, I just want my family and home to be safe this year. I do not want strangers to come into our house and take what my mother works very hard for. Thank you! Joseph and Dimetri, age 14 and 6

Hi Santa what are u doin these days I hope the reindeer are ok plzzzzzz give me lots of pressents please I have been very good. Zarabeth N, age 11

I only want a nice long jacket maybe those soft ones cotton im a large thanks. Jocelyn, age 18

For this Christmas I really want a Nintendo WII or an XBOX 360. I love to play games during school vacations and free time! Thank You. Franziel Reyes, age 11



I love all your reindeer! I feel that your elves are working hard! I want to make you a present for you and Mrs. Claus! Thank you for making me on top of the good list!! I love you Santa LOVE HOPE S. Hope, age 5 1/2

Hi Santa, How are your elves working? I am glad that I am on the top of your list!! Is roudolph making your way through the fog? Merry Christmas! Nathan, age 7

Hi Santa. I would love to get an PSP. That's all I ask for this year. Thank you. EllisBryan De La Cruz, age 7


dear santa my brother and i have been good this year and my mommy is not working so please help her out. i would really thank you alot. jasmine perez, age 4

Dear santa, i am happy because i have great parents, who takes care of me,and because when its christmas i'll be with my famliy opening presents and dont forget anything you leave under the tree i'll, love it and be happy with it . Emely Perez, age 7


i want a plane. harley, age 8

Dear Santa, If some toys are too difficult for you to get,you can get something else. I would like : a little kinz yellow&white; cat,the little kinz alley cat,and little kinz gray cat,the small newborn black puppy beanie baby,and the fisher price twins.(2 girls) Thank You. Emily Alice, age 7 1/2

ear Santa, I would like a computer,a new video game,a new bike,a new scooter,a new webkinz,remote control helicopter. Thank you Santa. Jonathan, age 9

Dear Santa, I would like a remote control helicopter, a scooter and a dirtbike playstation game for Christmas. Thankyou I love you. Dominick, age 5


I will like to tell you that I've been a very good boy this year. Helping my mom with my 2 baby sisters is the biggest thing I've had to do. I am a wonderful son and the best big brother. My mom is single mom and its had for her to get me all I want. But for this christmas all I want is to meet Spiderman. and to meet you I love you. Carlos Delacruz, age 5

I live with my foster mother for a year and ahalf. This is the one place that i have satyed for long. I have always ran away from home each time i was placed in one. I want to give her something nice so that i can demonstrate how special she is. i hear that she wants a plasma tv for herr home and i dont work so i was wondering if you feel up to it,that you could grant that one wish for her. Jonette Zephir, age 18

Can i have a playstation 3, clothes 18-20, shoes 5 1/2,and whatever else you would like to send me. i will be very happy n thankful. Angel Vasquez, age 8


I love my mom and I want her to have everything she wants for christmas. David Di Zazzo, age 10

Dear Santa, Please get me a dirtbike...i have ben very good. thanks. Stevie Petrillo, age 5

Dear Santa, Please bring me a new Longshot dart gun please. thank you. Robbie Petrillo, age 7

I would love a ... new pair of sneakers and a puppy that Robbie & Daddy are not allergic to. Thank you. Kaylie Petrillo, age 10

hi santa, I have always wanted a bunny, but i have never got one. do you think you could bring me one? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Briana Ellen, age 6

All i want for christmas is to see my mommy i miss her terriblybrianna, age 11

Dear santa, I would love a Nintendo DS this christmas. It was great seeing you at the Brandon Mall in Florida. I would like you to bring my little sister something very special since her birthday is Christmas Day, some cooking pots and anything to with Dora will do. Santa what would you like for Christmas? Can't wait to see you. Brianna Anderson, age 8 and Gabrielle Anderson, age 2

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. Santa I would like a dolly and carriage. I would like to take my dolly for walks in her carriage. Haley, age 2

Dear santa, i lost my poodle this year and i would like another. He was may little buddie.Miss him so much. Elaine, age 64

hi santa i ve been a lil naughty my big brother has just been diagnosed with cancer and i was hoping that you could say prayers for my big brother i love him very much his name is matthew. i hope prayers will help him. brandon, age 5

Hi Santa, I just wanted to let you know that I've been a very very good girl this year and I was hoping that you could maybe get me lots and lots of toys this Christmas. Skyla Cruz, age 6

hi santa all we want for chrismas me and mi big sister is WII game i ben a good boy y i love mi family thanks santa be happy. sebastian guerra, age 4

hi santa aim the most good girl in mi home and school i love mi parents and mi litel brother he is 4 and for crismas we like a some toys werever you wanth to bring us is good for us santa tanks for every ting we love you santa end merry chrismas to all. Melanie guerra, age 6

I want talking Mac for lighting McQueen, computer for the TV, and books for my parents to read to me before I go to bed. Andrew, age4

Im 16 years old and i live in lawrence ma.i am the oldest out of 7 children my mom is a sinle mother on top of that with 7 kids.The youngest is is my brother of 1 year old.....for christmas i want something badly real badly,i thought that this year instead of wanting something for myself i want to get something for my mother because my mother is the greastest thing in the world,shes a great mother,she helps us with things,and shes just this happy person full of energy,shes that kind of person that when she comes around she brings a smile to everyone,and what makes me mad is that she helps everyone but when its the moment of truth,when she needs help,noones there to help her and i have seen all of us fall but we get up stronger than ever,we get through every day strong,i try my best everyday to help my mother with everything i try to make everything easier for her at home while shes a at work because i know shes working out there to make our lives easier,i barely go out but! its not because i dont want to but its because i want to help her thats why for christmas i want to give her the greatest present of all...she wants a car but she wants a Lincoln Navigator in white or black...right now she drives a old car a buick and it only has for 4 people she needs a car where we all would fit a car where she could take us to our practices and games and etc. and plus the baby car seat it takes up most of the space in the car and kids are always joking her saying she needs to bring her to pimp my ride....so please santa i want to get that for my mom and i wanna raise money or have people donate money so please santa please.. Tiffany Fonseca, age 16

dear santa I would like to have a digital camera for christmas.I would like to get alot of candy for me and my brother Bryen... John, age 15

i really wish i can have a PSP & I Pod,Clothes, & Book Bag for School. i really appreciated if you come by Christmas w/ this presents, i wish you also have a wonderful xmas, i been a great boy and also got excellent grades in school. Thank you Very muuuuuch!! Anthony Marquez, age 10

All I Truly Want for Christmas this year is to be able to get my whole family together, like we did before, when my godfather and his family didn't mow to Florida, or my aunt, grandma, and grandpa moved to Georgia. So please..if u can, just help me get my family together as one family here in Lawrence together. p.s. I know this is a really hard job, but I'm here to help!! =] Jessica, age 12

Hie santa how are u doing well im doing this for my brother and me. Ok . My brother wants anything that has to do with sesame street or barney he is 2 and i think 8 months. Well me im 9 years old and i want dolls anytype .. I dont ask for alot.I hope that u receive this and let me know if you are goin to make it down my chimney.Well i will live u some cookies and do u want milk with that . And some water for rudolph and the reindeers. And how is mrs claus and the elf. Well hope to see u soon , and i am in the good list of girls and my brother too. Well his annoying sometimes but hes only a baby. Well mery xmas to u too. Suleimy, age 7 & G'Andrey, age 2

dear santa i have been a good girl i would like a wii and a ds for xmas love you santa you are the best. jalenna morales, age 7

Hello santa! I want a game dor my xbox 360 because my mom has many bills. lee v. paulino, age 7 hi santa. iam 5 years old and i have been good boy and i can't wait to see you on christmas i want a john cene doll and a bebe gun i hope you are not to busy to right back. thanks brandon

what you want for christmas i want for christmas is a remote control hummer and wii and dog and cat bryen davies, age 7

dear Santa for christmas I want a white star wars psp. my parents will get all my other preasents. Isaiah, age 8

dear santa i hope that you bring my a hannah montana guitar and dance mat i also want a wii. ps. im good. jacklyn, age 10

okay i think i frogot somethings....Insted of ben 10 the veido game i wanted Super Mairio smash brothers bral for wii! Zach Tuss, age 7 1/2

My name is Yasmin and i'm 10 years old i also will like to let you know that i'm not doing this letter only for me but for my little sister and my little brother to i will like firts to ask you how you doing and Mrs.Claus. I hope you everthing is ok at the North pole. well Santa I will like to ask you for a little favor this year i know that you are a little visit this year but my sister brother and I will like to know if you could at least send us this year a toy we don't ask for alot only one toy each if you can, any toy don't matter what toy, because i know that everything is so spencive. thank you so much Santa we know you are going to do what you can with love Yasmin, Xyomara and Joshua.

Ps: my mom said that she hope you will be able to come this christmas like always because everything is si spencive but we know you will because we have been extra good this year. Yasmin, Xyomara and Joshua Rivera, ages 10, 6, and 17 months

santa i would like a bike for christmas. pancho, age 7

Santa i love cookies too.I want a spiderman clock and a spiderman game this xmas. My mom said if i am good you might bring it,so i am going to be sooooooo good until then!!! tell the reindeer i said hi. Ethan Nichols, age 3

Santa its me Mathieu u know i have been good all year right? well i really want a skateboard and pogo stick .How much snow is up in the North pole? Whats your favorite cookie? Have a Merry Christmas and i will try to stay up to see you ... Mathieu Nichols, age 5

How is your reindeers? How is Mrs.Claus? I am getting my Christmas tree today, I am excited for you to come to my house. I have been a good boy this year. Have my friends been good too? I would like a Diego Talking Animal Rescue Center, a webkinz (maybe a baby hippo), FLOAM, and anything else you think I may like. Jack , age 4