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October 10, 2012

Tierney, Tisei camps spar over Boehner fundraiser


A Tisei tracker videotaped Walsh throughout the event.

The race between the incumbent, Tierney, and former state Senate minority leader, Tisei, for representation of the 6th District on the North Shore has been watched nationally and is seen as Republicans’ best chance to pick up a seat from the Massachusetts congressional delegation.

Walsh contrasted Boehner’s support for Tisei with the lack of support former Gov. Bill Weld received in his bid to become ambassador to Mexico. President Bill Clinton nominated Weld for the ambassadorship, but the appointment was blocked by former Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms.

“I remember when Bill Weld was going to be the ambassador to Mexico, the leaders of the Republican Party did not step up and support him because he was not going to be that kind of candidate,” Walsh said.

Tisei said that the whole state would benefit by having a Republican in the House delegation and said Tierney has been ineffective as a congressman.

“We do not have anybody in the (House) majority,” Tisei said. “There are going to be tremendous decisions that are made over the next couple of years that not only impact my congressional district but also impact the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“Right now, there’s nobody in the room from Massachusetts, because we have an all-Democratic delegation,” he said. “We’ve had John Tierney in office now for 16 years. During that 16-year period, he is the only member of the congressional delegation that has never sponsored a bill that’s become law. I want to have a different record of being an effective congressman and getting things done and being a problem-solver down in Washington, D.C.”

Former Republican congressman Peter Blute told reporters that having a balance in Washington benefits Massachusetts and said of Tisei, “He doesn’t follow the leader; that’s for sure.”

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