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New Hampshire Elections

November 13, 2011

Endorsements continue to roll in

Salem lawmaker backs Romney

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney picked up support from another Southern New Hampshire lawmaker last week.

Rep. Ron Belanger of Salem was one of 10 representatives from throughout the state joining the Romney team.

But wait!

Romney spokesman Ryan Williams, upon further review, had a wait-a-minute moment over criticism from Planned Parenthood last week.

The group was whacking Romney for wanting to cut its funding, but also said he was supporting a proposal before Mississippi voters that could restrict the right of women to abortion.

Williams pointed out while Romney does think those questions are best left to states, Romney at no point supported the Mississippi proposal as Planned Parenthood claimed. There's a difference, Williams said.

"He supports the right of states to decide these issues," he said.

What really matters

Meanwhile, state GOP chairman Wayne MacDonald had a response for Planned Parenthood's assertion that the GOP presidential candidates are "extreme" in their views on women's reproductive rights.

"While our candidates are pro-life, there is a significant number of Republicans and independents who are pro-choice and they are supporting our candidates," MacDonald said. "They realize that the most important issues in 2012 relate to the economy and Obama has failed miserably there."

NH knows best

Corey Lewandowski of Windham will be part of a panel next month at American University in Washington discussing the lead-off roles of New Hampshire and Iowa in the presidential nominating process.

Lewandowski is the state chief for Americans For Prosperity.

Criticism of Christie

It's clear Romney is the front-runner in the GOP primary with the Democrats putting out press releases greeting his boosters.

Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley had this to say for visiting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Romney endorser: "Gov. Christie and Mitt Romney have a lot in common — one's a former governor who failed to create jobs and the other's a current governor who failed to create jobs."

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New Hampshire Elections

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