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May 19, 2009

Academy of Notre Dame 2009

Academy of Notre Dame, Class of 2009

Graduation: Sunday, June 1st at 1 p.m.

Location: The Academy

The Class of 2009

Breanna Lucci
Maggie Blinn
Daniela Christenakis
Mary Melo
Amanda Belleville
Alyssa Finneral
Casey Gariepy
Kaitlyn Roberts
Rosalyn Somsak
Katherine Akerley
Jacqueline Hanson
Trang-Kim Nguyen
Brittany Swift
Kelsey Wright
Nicolette Kafasis
Elizabeth Masson
Nissay Keo
Kathryn Day
Shay Tierney
Samantha Wood
Nicole Gallant
Stephanie Lennon
Christa Metropolis
Stephanie Todis
Meredith Baptist
Danielle Christians
Chloe Ainley
Shayla Belanger
Danielle Morin
Stephanie Poulin
Shannon Comerford
Erin Fandozzi
Ashley Donaghue
Hannah Godshall
Hillary Gospodarek
Christina Massa
Mrinalinee Das
Maria Kontos
Emily Noel
Kassia Russell

Class Information

Number of seniors: 39

Class officers: Maggie Blinn, president; Daniella Christenakis, vice president; Alyssa Finneral, treasurer; Hannah Godshall, secretary

Class advisors: Sandra Martin and Barbara Vitale

Prom: Friday, May 15, Sky Meadow Country Club

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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