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May 19, 2009

Brooks School Class of 2009

Brooks School, Class of 2009

Graduation: Sunday, May 31, 9:45 a.m.

Location: Graduation Tent at Brooks School, 1160 Great Pond Road, North Andover.

The Class of 2009

Keeley Page Anderson
Connor Bair-Cucchiaro
Ross Ashe Barman
Anna Frances Barron
Margaret Esme Bellamy
Luis Alberto Berroa
Robert Joseph Blakslee
Curtis H. Cheng
Michelle Chiu
William Calvert Cissel
David Alexander Clapp
Tyler Lawrence Clark
Amber Chervonne Coleman
Anne Louise Hull Cornell
Christina Frick Cornish
Emily Nissi Currie
Ryan Thomas Daley
Carla de Castro Gonzalez
Nathaniel Michael DiResta
David Andrew Dolben
Caroline Cutter Doyle
Samuel Ware Ehrlich
Samuel Chapin Eisenman
Brendon Louis Emery
Rebecca Saidman Engel
Margaret Jordan Farrar
Caitlin Reilly Flanagan
Joshua Joseph Freeman
Kelsey Lynne Gillen
Timothy Darrell Glen IV
Taylor Goodyear
Alexander Gordon Grieve
Tamasen Lai-Sahn Hackett
Brittany Hughes Hart
Michael Ray Hendrickson
Stefan Herrera
Peter Jones Hicks
Olivia Chelsea Hull
Samuel Douglas Ingraham
Kasama Itthisawatpan
Ayokunle Kelechi Iwuagwu
Bradlee Alden Jackson
Carter Isabella James
Michael William Johnson
Ivan Cyomoro Kagame
Wing Kai Kam
Elan Rohan Simon Kapadia
Allison Merrill Katz
Shijung Kim
Matthew Simon Lanchantin
Michael David Langer
William Brewster Lee III
Amy Christine Leichliter
Nicholas Gordon Letwin
Michael Joseph Linskey III
Taylor Hannon MacGillivary
Hallie Rebecca Malitsky
Meredithe Louise Mallen
Eliza Suzanne Marshall
John Dyett Marston
Leah Elizabeth McKnight
Michael Anthony Mercado
Natalie Mauricette Minois
Devon Katherine Moore
John Richard Moreau
Joseph Paul Napolitano III
Rintip Nirundonpruk
Yuriy Novoselskiy
Christopher James O'Book
Alexander Gabriel Odesmith
Gregory Bechan-Christ Pappas
Frederick Ross Pierce

Whitney Bliss Pool
Alexandra Faye Post
Theodore Hughes Reimann
Gee Yeon Ro
Nicole Alexis Rosmarin
Michaela Anne Rosmarin
Charles Mattlage Ruprecht
Andrew Barnard Ruprecht
Caroline Langford Saltonstall
Michael Timothy Sheehan

Peter Macdonald Sherwood Jr.
Kristen Ann Sullivan
James Nelson Tamposi III
Lindsey Michelle Theriault
Justin Erickson Toomer
Megan Elizabeth Trovage
Katrina Lynne Ulaky
Nithyaa Kalyani Venkataramani
Jason A. Wade

William Hunter Walton
Robert Aleksander Ignatius Whirty
Brian Clark Wilber
Christopher Elliot Wilcox
Matthew Sargent Worthen
Marcel Lamar-K.M. Young-Scaggs
Estelle Yick-Kay Yuen

Class Information

Number of seniors:98

Class officers: Senior Prefect: Sam Eisenman of New York, N.Y.; School Prefects: Christina Cornish of Carlisle; Ryan Daley of Byfield; Brendon Emery of Bradford; Timothy Glen of Chicago, Ill.; Michael Hendrickson of Boxford; Eliza Marshall of North Andover; Joseph Napolitano of Tewksbury; Gee Yeon Ro of Pusan, Korea.

Student Government President: Brendon Emery of Bradford; Student Government Vice President: Kelsey Gillen of North Andover; Student Government Secretary: Christina Cornish of Carlisle; Student Government Treasurer: Robert Whirty of Andover; Student Government Sixth Form Representatives: Sam Eisenman of New York, N.Y.; Christina Cornish of Carlisle; Ryan Daley of Byfield; Brendon Emery of Bradford; Robert Whirty of Andover; Kelsey Gillen of North Andover

Class advisor: Form Head Casey Bobo

Prom: Red Carpet Affair, Saturday, May 9, Brooks School's Science Center, 1160 Great Pond Road, North Andover.

Class gift: New signage to highlight and explain the green aspects of the environmentally-friendly Science Center, such as the living roof, solar cupola, natural ventilation and renewable energy for hot water heating. Through 100 percent participation, the class donated the largest amount a graduating class has ever given to the school.

Class trip: White water rafting on the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts.

Other special senior activities: Sixth Form Day Trip; Sixth Form Community Day; Sixth Form Pool Parties. The seniors also are turning the tables and hosting a cookout luncheon to serve the staff that has tirelessly served them throughout the years as a thank you.

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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