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May 19, 2009

Pelham High School Class of 2009

Pelham High School, Class of 2009

Graduation: June 19, 6 p.m.

Location: Pelham High School

The Class of 2009

Vanessa Alicea
Crystal Allen
Roger Allen
Shaunna Anderson
Amanda Andrews
Mina Award
Kayla Bailey
Kristina Baird
EJ Baker
Nick Barrett
Seabrina Blais
April Blinn
Bryce Blinn
Adam Boucher
James Bourk
Daryelle Buckley
Elizabeth Cahill
Kellie Chadwick
Jade Chretien
Jessica Clough
Dustin Cooper
Kim Cordeiro
Laurie Costa
cassandra Costello
Jessica Craig
Kevin Crandall
Bret Culleton
Dan Curtin
Emily Cwiklik
Ryan Daigle
Briana D'Avanzo
Hollyann DeCarteret
Michelle Dennison
Caitlyn Doherty
Chris Dow
Christine Downs
Joseph Doyon
Olivia Draper
Alex Dutton
Dawn Ely
Brittany Fadden
Amber Faucher
Sheila Fernandez
Jordan Fleckenstein
Amanda Forlizzi
Leah Frasca
Shannon Gallant
Lauren Gerniglia
Emylee Gibbons
Nicole Golinski
Elisse Goss
Gina Guimond
Brandon Halloran
Joe Harris
Matt Harris-Houde
Grant Hebert
William Helliwell
Kali Hirsch
Justin Hojilo
Jackie Horgan
Sophia Hur
Chelsea I'Anson
Justin Isabelle
Caitlin Jones
Rachel Joyce
William Joyce
Taryn Kayo
Andrew Keegan
Nikolas Kfoury
Emily Kohler
Shannon Krauss
Leatrice Lafontaine
Devan Lamoreaux
Shaunna Legatos
Chris Lenonard
Sarah Levi
Nathan Libby
Shannon Lombard
Brittany Long
Vanessa Lopes
Chris Lord
Ryan Lowell
Wayne Lucas
Ashley Maguire

Sean Mahoney
Page Maloney
Rebecca Manners
Christopher McArthur
Robert McLean
Matt Miller
Juliana Miranda
Jacqueline Moore
Jessica Morin
Joe Morin
Matt Morin
Makaela Murray
Patrick Narbonne
Linda Neang
Ethan Nesky
Jamie Newell
Shannon O'Brien
Emily O'Hearn
Ryan Ormsby
Sophornya Ricky Orng
Stefani O'Sullivan

Everett Paitchel
Nate Paitchel
Adam Paquette
Todd Paquin
Sean Paradis
Wayne Parisi
Greg Pelletier
Courtney Perry
Nick Peters
Lea Piazas
Amanda Pinksten
Paige Pinksten
Sarah Pomerleau
Alex Prudhomme
Corey Reilly
Noelle Reiss
Nichole Richards
Mark Riddinger
RJ Riddinger
William Rines
Kaitlyn Russell

Samantha Rzasa
Nina Sanchez
Alissa Santagelo
Zachary Schiller
Bradley Shapiro
Derek Sirois
Chynna Soukseunchay
Nicole Souza
Briana Szidat
Meghan Szmyt
Chris Ta
Dan Thompson
Ben Trusty
Bianka Vega
Bruce Vieira
David Wesson
Alecia Wilson
Alex Wilson
Mike Wooton
Ryan Zannoni
CJ Ziogas

Class Information

Number of seniors: 147

Graduation Speakers: School Principal Dr. Dorothy Mohr; School Superintendant Dr. Frank Bass; Class President Christine Downs; Valedictorian; Salutatorian; Essayist

Class officers:Christine Downs, president; Kim Cordeiro, vice-president; April Blinn, secretary; Bradley Shapiro, treasurer; Brittany Long, class representative; Nicole Golinski class representative; Gina Guimond, class representatives.

Class advisors:Ms. Elaine French and Mrs. Sandra Lyon

Prom: The Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH, May 9, Midnight Masquerade

Class gift: Picnic Table

Class trip: Fall, Portsmouth, N.H.; Spring, Boston and Blue Man Group

Other special senior activities: Senior Breakfasts; Senior Banquet; Senior Cookout; Spirit Week ; Mr. PHS

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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