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May 19, 2009

Bishop Fenwich Class of 2009

Bishop Fenwick High School

Graduation: May 22, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.

Location: Bishop Fenwick

The Class of 2009

Rachael Andrews
Carling Audette
Jake Bartolomeo
Courtney Begin
Audrey Bianco
Margaret Bolt
Jake Borash
Samantha Bouchard
Angela Bray
Brianna Brazell
Brian Brewster
Lara Bruni
Kristine Bruno
Colton Buckley
Michael Buonfiglio
Stephanie Cafarella
Jillian Cardin
Caitlin Caruso
Kayla Caruso
Hannah Castellano
Ariana Chalifour
Kara Charochak
Emily Chisholm
Christina Cipriani
Michael Clifford
Kellie Codair
Angela Consoles
Nicholas Cotoia
Caitlin Coyne
Emily Crawford
Alicia Creesy
Dale Crispin
Richard Cushing
Jillian DeFrancesco
Joanna DeLorenzo
Kathryn Delsapio
Paul Dibono
Lauran Dicarlo
Cristina Dicostanzo
Andrew Dinuccio
Emily Diorio
Nolan Dipanfilo
Caitlin Doherty
Benjamin Donovan
Rachel Dubiel
Richard Dulkis
Bridget Dullea
Philip Eagan
Elizabeth Fagan
Samantha Faneuf
Meghan Farmer
Zachary Fitch
Alexandra Ford
Craig Forrest
Michael Foster
Jonathan Fournier
Kaitlyn Foy
Bianca Gallo
James Gattuso
Marguerite Gore
Emma Grant
Kara Gray
Andrew Guido
Nicholas Guido
Molly Hagerty
Carolyn Hartigan
Alexandra Hayoz
Adam Hedio
Patrick Holleran
Kevin Honan
Tyler Hurst
Sung Jeon
Britta Johnson
Jared Jordan
Dennis Kanarkiewicz
Eli Kaufman
Marygrace Kelleher
Daniel Kennedy
Courtney Kent
Kristin Krom
James Kwan
Christine Law

Catherine Lovely
Emma Luster
Timothy MacDonald
John MacLean
Spencer Mahoney
Eleni Maistrellis
Megan Malewicki
Francesca Mastromarino
Brian McConnell
Nicole McNamara
Arianna Medina
Kelsey Menici
Molly Miller
Anne Mooney
Eric Moreno
Nicole Motta
Thomas Moules Jr.
Elise Moustakis
Matthew Murray
Brian Ngo

Courtney Nicolo
Patricia Oday
Richard Pelosi
Corey Pierro
Abigail Poeske
Vanessa Poirier
Elizabeth Preczewski
Alexandria Quarantiello
Samuel Raby
Jared Raby
Allison Ravin
Meghan Reid
Ashley Risteen
Courtney Ryan
Justine Saxe
Michael Shachook
Danielle Simard
Ashley Simmons
Adrian Sosa
Mark Sparaco

Taylor Stirrat
Brett Swanson
Nancy Swecker
Rebecca Tassinari
Jonathan Tatone
Christina Taubert
Matthew Trainor
Miranda Treacy
Dillon Vanloon
Christina Vellucci
Rino Vitolo
Alexandra Warden
John Welz
Christopher White
Kyle White
Louis Williams
Kimberly Wilson
John Zegarowski

Class Information

Number of seniors: 143

Valedictorian: Abigail Poeske

Salutatorian: Arianna Medina

Class officers:Lauran DiCarlo, President, and Molly Hagerty, Vice President

Class advisors:Arlene Cormier, Siobhan McCarthy, Frances Ward, Julia Velonis, David Dugan, Edward Kaczynski, Timothy Harrington, Majella Sheehan

Prom: May 19, 2009, at the Danversport Yacht Club

Class gift: Contribution toward a new scoreboard

Other special senior activities: Beach Party, Banquet, Senior Breakfast and Farewell Assembly, Baccalaureate Liturgy on May 15, 2009 at 7 p.m.

Class Memories

The Class of 2009 will be remembered for its extraordinary commitment to community service and kindness. They were a sincere, loving and cohesive group and really looked out for one another. They will be sorely missed.

Congratulations Class of 2009

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