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May 19, 2009

Governor's Academy Class of 2009

Governors Academy, Class of 2009

Graduation: May 24, 2009, 10 a.m.

Location: Mansion House Lawn

The Class of 2009

Christine Kemi Alli
Luis Miguel Alvarez
Laura Ann Beohner
Nils T. Bergman
Julia Belle Blanter
Linley Ann Block
Rebecca Ann Block
Raymond Anthony Boghos
Alexander Behan Brierley
Katherine Ann Brine
Nicole Alison Cahill
Carlota Caicedo
Colin John Canty
Max Andrew Caron
Brittany Taylor Caruso
Soo Yeon Chai
Elizabeth Wilkinson Cieri
Abigail McQuilten Collins
Amanda Rose Correnti
Patrick Ross Cronin
Chad Ryan Darcy
Danielle Patrice DeMartini
Patrick Finn Diamond
Marc Anthony DeCroce
Olivia Pearl DiFronzo
MaryLeah DiNisco
Kaela Erin Duff
Eric Michael Dunstan
Raphael Richard Durand
Madalyn Lee Durgin
Brian Conlon Durkin
Caroline Germaine Dwyer
Hannah Beth Fitzpatrick
George Winthrop French
Hope Caroline Fried
Michael Joseph Gardner
Jonathan Kerlin Getz
Jason Goodwin
Alexander Gurfeyn
Rory William Hummingbird Hamovit
Jamie Elaine Hansen
Kaitlyn Ann Haran
Patrick Anthony Harper
Daniel Sexton Hines
Trevor Robert Hines
Lisa Whitney Hoopes
Michael Ivey Jr.
Emily Abigail Jacobs
Bryce Keenan Johnson
Maiki Kaneko
Abbey Lee Karin
William Francis Kavanagh III
Jae Hoon Kim
James Michael King
Kraison Kingthong
Ryan Mark Leavitt
Sungbin Lee
Demetra Kara Leone
Ping-Chu Lin
Rebecca Elizabeth Lindmark
Amanda Noel Ludeking
Connor Whiston MacLennan
Dominic Joseph Malerba Jr.
Adam David Marshall
Alexander Steven Matses
Derek John McCarthy
Timothy Ryan McGrath
Andrew Scott McLain
Christopher Joseph Menard

Jeffrey William Menard
Peter Thomas Metcalf
Ryan Butler Moores
Jacob Benjamin Newton
Anna Craft O'Neal
Arianis Grisel Perozo
Dylan James Press
Erin Christine Quinlan

Blake Thomas Riley
Gabriella Marie Riley
Ariel Isabella Shapiro
Svyatoslav Olegovich Sivov
Jenika Coleen Smith
Priscilla Danielle Somogie
Daniel Patrick Spillane
Joshua Aaron Stavis

Carson Amos Stevens
Kevin Thomas Sullivan
George Tsakirgis
Ariana Arete Vlachos
Christopher Andrew Webster
Marc Anthony White III
Yu Xia
Xiameng Xiao

Class Information

Number of seniors: 95

Graduation Speakers: Marcus Mabry, New York Times editor

Class officers: Mark White, School President; James King, Class President; Carlota Caicedo. Vice President; Jason Goodwin, Boarding Representative; Brian Durkin, Day Representative

Class advisor: Babe Ceglarski

Prom: May 17, 2009 Danversport Yacht Club (dinner); Odyssey Cruise, Boston

Class gift: Gift to the Annual Fund to support financial aid, faculty compensation, and curriculum advancements; a tree with a plaque commemorating the class and its gift to the Annual Fund

Class trip: Red Sox game, April 20

Other special senior activities: Capstone Community Service May 20-22

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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