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May 19, 2009

North Reading Class of 2009

North Reading High School, Class of 2009

Graduation: June 5, 2009

The Class of 2009

Sarah Allen
Samantha Anderson
Briana Angiolillo
Corin Antonucci
Elise Auger
Laura Babcock
Matthew Barretto
Alexandra Bedell
Laura Bellino
Michelle Bellucci
Jay Bourne
Paul Burdett
Jeffrey Cady
Matthew Calos
Zachary Canaday
Mikaela Carney
Tawnya Carriker
Aimee Carvalho
Anthony Celata
Alexander Cerqueira
Daniel Chen
Matthew Chiuve
Jade Clapp
Carl Coffill
John Conte
Brittni Coppola
Christopher Coroniti
Philip Cusolito
Sean Cyr
Caitlyn Dacosta
Brian D'Alelio
Alexandra D'Ambrosio
Emily DeCristoforo
Lindsey DeCristoforo
Anya Demko
Jamie DePaolo
Russell Deshaies
Rhonda DeSilva
Jennifer DiDonatis
Daniel DiMauro
Kyle DiPanfilo
Katherine Doherty
John Dolan
Jacob Donaldson
Jason Dooley
Adrianna Doyle
Matthew Durham
Laura Felix
Jonathon Finch
Robert Flaherty
Lianna Flanagan
Kiersten Fox
Mary Frelinger
Alison Friberg
Rachel Fritts
Nicole Fuller
Domenica Fuller
Alexandro Fusco
Declan Geoffrion-Scannell
Kristen Giddings
Dustin Goddard
William Goddard
Matthew Goodwin
Joshua Griffin
Nathan Griswold
Jordon Hall
Jacquelyn Harrow
Darren Hartwell
Jessica Henderson
Amber Hodgkins
Kayla Houde
Matthew Howard
Amanda Imperato
Leah Jerrett
Maria Jervey
Amanda Juliano
Daniel Kaepplinger
Ashley Kern
Michael Kerrigan
David Kirby
John Laing
Danielle Landolfi
Amanda Lee
Stephanie Lee
Alessandra LeFort
Kevin Lentini
Neil Leo
Eugenia Levitina
Rachel Lewis
Amber Lombard
Jessie Lorton
Thomas Lumb Jr.

Christina Luongo
Kristin Lussier
Jacqueline Lytle
Kaitlyn MacDonald
Stephen Mack
Kristopher Macneil
Lauren Magliozzi
Rachael Maher
Brittany Mahoney
Jennifer Mazzola
Lauren Mazzone
Sean McAuley
Caroline McBride
Courtney McDonough
Kaitlyn McKenna
Kelley McQuillin
Lucas Medeiros
Athanasios Metropoulos
Anamaria Mira
Stefan Mitrano
Rachel Moda
Stacie Montanaro
Brian Moore
Jason Moore
Rachael Moore
Kristen Moulton
Scott Mullen
Thomas Murphy
Ashley Muse
Cory Nitzsche

Hilary O'Brien
Jocelyn O'Connell
Christopher O'Connor
Jason Pacino
Julianne Parece
Rosalie Parr
David Pascucci
Alexandra Pepe
Christina Perry
Kathryn Phelan
Chi Yan Poon
Rebecca Popp
Kristina Psallidas
Christopher Quinlan
Marc-Andre Ravioli
Alexander Reddy
Caitlin Reilly
Nicole Reynolds
William Richardson
Dino Rizzo
Bianca Romanow
Ronald Rossi
Christopher Rubin
Tyler Samost
Paul Saraceno
Andrew Schultz
Asa Seeley
Aaron Semiao
Matthew Sexton
Kimberlee Shaw

Jessica Shirton
Jillian Sillari
Samuel Silveira
Kyle Sinclair
Kevin Singer
Laura Solari
Amanda Soucy
Julia Spehlmann
Carley Spinazzola
Rose Stanzione
Jenna Stein
Jeffrey Stephens
Tasha Stockwell
Elizabeth Sutera
Christine Templer
James Topping
Jeffrey Trowel
Elisa Turilli
Richard Valeri
Charles Venuto Jr.
Stephanie Viall
Kathryn Walsh
Patrick Welch
Catherine Wheeler
Daniel Wicker
Patrick Wicker
Elyse Williamson
Kendra Zabele
Katelyn Zolman

Class Information

Number of seniors: 185

Graduation Speakers: Kristen Moulton, Rachel Moda, Patrick Wicker

Valedictorian: Kristen Moulton and Rachel Moda

Salutatorian: Patrick Wicker

Class officers: Patrick Wicker, president; Alison Friberg, vice president; Kathryn Walsh, secretary; Rob Flaherty, treasurer

Class advisors: Jason Macintosh and Rick Doucette

Prom: "Enchanted Evening" theme, June 1, 2009, Westin Hotel in Waltham.

Class trip: White water rafting trip in Maine

Other special senior activities: Dodgeball tournament, class cookout

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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