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May 19, 2009

Lowell Catholic Class of 2009

Lowell Catholic High School, Class of 2009

Graduation: Friday, May 29, 6:30 p.m.

Location: St. Patrick Church, Lowell

The Class of 2009

Mariana Lara Machado Alonso
Lauren E. Boardman
Charles John Brady
Daniel Patrick Bradley
Glenna C. Burdt
Ryan P. Callahan
Alexander J. Clark
Elizabeth M. Cranney
Bianca Marie Crowley
Isadora De Macedo Carneiro
Brittany L. Duarte
Alexander Joseph Durkin
Benjamin Evan Ficociello
Michael E. Fugate
Jesse Michael Graham
Michael R. Greer
Evan Joseph Haberl
Caroline E. Haley
Kaelagh Anne Haley
Hyokyung Han
Jennifer Melissa Hanley
John Harris
Hieu Vu Huynh
Taeeun Jang
Thomas Peter Joyce
Seul A. Jung
Ichyou Kang
JiMin Kang
Andrew Kelley
Minkyung Kim
Samkyam Kim
Yu Hyun Kim
Erica M. LaBranche
Ayaka Angellena Lanzoni
Trang Thi Hoang Le
Ashley Nicolle Lemire
Nicholas Francis Loiselle
Jake R. Lorena
Sue Ly
Phillip R. Lynch
Oahn Thuy Ma
Sunny L. Marchand
Matthew M. Martin
Sean M. McCann
Joseph S. McCarthy
Kathryn Nicole McDermott
Michael James McHale
Allison Marie McLaughlin
Nirva Mentor
Alyssa Nicole Milinazzo
Jeehyun Moon
Peter John Morency
Kelsie Louis Rose Nadeau
Jennifer Elizabeth Nason
Hung Le Nguyen
Long Nguyen
Sunny Nguyen
Sophorn Nop
Victor Olowojoba
Elyse Shannon O'Rourke
Alyssa K. Otero
Emily Ann Paquette
Stephanie R. Pioccone
Christopher Scott Powers
Liana Marie Powers
Michael Anthony Rencricca
Brittany Lynn Rojas
Jillian L. Saffie

Avlynn Ferreira Simao
Matthew Joseph Smolko
Kihyun Song
Samantha M. Spanos
Alexandra L. Stairs

Zachary Robert Stevens
Donald Jerrad Tanner
Brandon C. Tibak
Dung Tran
Sunny Trivedi

Danielle Elizabeth Trottie
Son Phung Truong Van
Lauren Marie Walsh
Ryan J. Will
Joseph Yang

Class Information

Number of seniors: 83

Valedictorian: Sue Ly

Salutatorian: Ashley Lemire

Class officers: Zachary Stevens, president; Chris Powers, vice president; Andrew Kelley, treasurer; Stephanie Pioccone, secretary

Class advisors: Kim Delaney, Tom Doherty, Dave Gilpin, Jami Shamberger

Prom: Friday, May 1, Westford Regency Hotel, "Midnight Masquerade"

Class trip: New York City

Other special senior activities: Day of Recollection May 26, Recognition Night May 27, Baccalaureate Mass May 29

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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