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May 20, 2009

Essex Agricultural Class of 2009

Essex Agricultural High School

Graduation: June 4, 2009, at 6:30 p.m.

Location: On the school's front lawn

The Class of 2009

Melissa Alicea
Keith Anderson
Jessica Baribeau
Nicole Barker
Hannah Barnes
Briana Bransfield
Rachel Caira
Mia Carey
Vincent Coelho
Nicole Comppen
Douglas Crapo
Joshua Cruz
Courtney Daly
Nicholas D'Amato
Holly Davenport
Amanda D'Avolio
Kaitlyn Delisle
Bridget Denuccio
Krystal Diefenbach
Kiah Domoracki
Phillip Donovan
Kelsey Drelick
Andrew Durkee
Anthony Eaton
Logan Edgerly
Nicholas Ferry
Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Carly Fleming
Cameron Fletcher
Jonathan Flores
Madison Fuher
Trinidad Gilbert
Amanda Gill
Amanda Gioacchini
Kevin Goulart
Rebecca Holt
Lauren Holz
Kourtney Jellison
Natasha Kamon
Sarah Keyes
Cody Laliberte
Erin Lavin
Joseph Lyons III
Jason Matses
Taylor Maynard
Tiffany McCarthy
Timothy Melanson
Jeffrey Mercedes
Casandra Miller
Sara Misrati
Casey Moran
Stephanie Muise
Jessica Munson
Stephen Nelson
Corinne Oliva
Henry Ortega
Samantha Pare
Stacie Parker
Zerimar Pena
Marlene Perez
Gianna Piotti
Aimee Plante
Keelinn Powers
Krystal Puchtler
Jacqueline Purvinis
Breanna Ricci
Christopher Rita

Richard Rivera
Yarushka Rivera
Edwin Santana
Amanda Sax
Jessica Silva
Charris Spadafora

Alicia Tarr
Catherine Thomson
Amy Titus
Courtney Toohey
Justin Valenti

Alicia Viola
Claudia Weaver
Allison Williams
Alyssa Wright
Sarah Young

Class Information

Number of seniors: 84

Valedictorian: Lauren Holz

Salutatorian: Amy Titus

Class orator: Stephanie Muise

Class officers: President Kiah Domoracki, Vice President Edwin Santana, Secretary Stephanie Muise, Treasurer Alicia Tarr

Class advisors: Clarice Grima and Michael Pellegrino

Prom: June 1, 2009, at Montvale Plaza; Theme is "Passport to Paris"

Class trip: Six Flags

Other special senior activities: Senior Brunch and a Senior BBQ

Class Memories

Congratulations Class of 2009

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