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April 8, 2014

Sound Off

DCF kidnappers

Does anyone know how much the Pelletier family has been forced to spend to defend themselves and their child from the kidnappers over at DCF? Once there is a hard number, the people involved in this travesty should be compelled to pay those legal bills personally. It should not be on the taxpayers to clean up the mess left by these arrogant, bureaucratic acolytes of our inept governor. They should be held personally accountable, from the governor down through everyone whose fingers stirred this pot, and that includes the folks over at Children’s Hospital who have set themselves up with a cozy research arrangement with DCF. Only when they are hit in the pocketbook for their awful behavior will things change.

Doctors and drugs

After reading about the mother who lost her son to heroin, I had to comment about the doctors who were prescribing medication. We have a member of our family who is going through addiction, and we have had the same problem with doctors she would visit who would prescribe various medications to ease the various issues she would complain about. Some of these doctors would prescribe the medication after one visit and when they were called after an overdose they would hide behind “patient confidentiality.“ I realize addicts will say anything to convince a doctor of their “ailment,” but shouldn’t there be some research necessary for a first time patient before prescribing medications?

Memo to Metzler

Superintendent Metzler, it’s hard coming into a tightknit community of four small towns where issues do get around fast. You can’t just let School Board Chairwoman Steenson persuade you to do something about every negative issue she has. The community that makes up this district doesn’t need the School Board to tell us what we should or shouldn’t let our kids see or tell us what’s best for our children. That’s the freedom of our choice. The plays are not performed during school hours. The community built the PAC and has always had the choice to view or not view a show. The PAC has been working wonderfully until now! The “community” thinks you should be more worried about the cost of education. Thank you.

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