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March 4, 2013

Big ski family competes as one


Lisa Cavallaro, president of the team and mother of five skiers, said the family “got involved in the league, and then we just started running the league. We decided to take an interest in it and help run the league, and we brought it to where it is today.”

“We just worked on building a community, making it family-oriented for skiers of different levels,” she said.

With that, the team became popular among Merrimack Valley families. Rob Levey, the team’s communications director, said he could remember coming to the team three years ago after moving from Zimbabwe to the United States.

“Everybody made it a point of, ‘Are you new? How can I help you? What do you like? What do you need to know?’” he said. “They pull you in. It helps create a family.”

There are other benefits to having a family performing in a single sport that goes beyond the ability to grow together — especially for parents.

Mo Trout, who lives in Haverhill and brings three children to the fold, said “even to have three kids at the same practice, the same race ... it doesn’t usually work that way for other sports.”

Skiing is “an activity they all love, a sport they all love,” Mo Trout said.

“They were up this morning at 6 a.m. to meet their cousins here,” she said. “If they didn’t love it, they wouldn’t be out of bed.”

Because yesterday’s event marked the end of the season, all five teams in the league came together in Bradford. Only two or three hills in the area can support that level of foot traffic, according to Mo Trout.

But being at home didn’t give the Trouts, Cavallaros or any of the other dozens of skiers on the team a leg up on the competition, Mo Trout said.

“The kids race there all the time. They practice there,” she said. “So there’s a comfort factor racing out of your own hill, not necessarily a competitive edge.”

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