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June 10, 2011

Seguin signed her arm and teen wants to make it a tattoo

By Mike LaBella

HAVERHILL — Some people might carry a lucky rabbit's foot, while for others it could be a lucky coin. For 15-year-old Sarah Hrubo, when it comes to the Boston Bruins, good luck emanates from her entire family.

"She makes us sit in the same spot every time a Bruins game is on and doesn't allow us to move out of fear that something bad will happen," said her mother, Darlene Hrubo. "I find it a little crazy, but we go along with it."

A freshman at Haverhill High School, Sarah Hrubo can't stop talking about her favorite hockey team or collecting things she finds interesting, like a Bruins garden gnome and Christmas ornaments she adorns with players' names.

She has a Bruins comforter on her bed and Bruins pillows, as well as a Bruins Snuggie. She loves showing off her Bruins items, including a Terry O'Reilly autographed hockey stick and puck. Last Christmas her parents gave her a Nathan Horton autographed photo with two game tickets taped to the back. Sarah took her mother.

"When my mother goes to the deli at Market Basket she saves the pink tags if they happen to be the number of a Bruins player," Sarah said. "We have around 15 tickets so far and they are pinned to a corkboard in our kitchen."

Last week the Bruins held a send-off celebration before they headed to Vancouver. Sarah was pressed up against a barrier as the Bruins walked by.

"Tyler Seguin walked up to me and I asked him to sign my left arm with a permanent marker," she said. "I think he thought it was kind of creepy as other people were getting autographs on paper signs they were handing out."

Since last week she's been protecting her arm.

"When I take a shower I wrap it in plastic wrap, and when I go to bed I wrap it in an ace bandage so it doesn't rub off onto my sheets," she said. "I'd like to keep it until I'm old enough to get a tattoo of it."

Sarah's fascination with the Bruins began a few years ago when her father Bill Hrubo and her sister Danielle Hrubo, who recently graduated from Haverhill High, attended a Bruins home game.

"My mom and I watched it on TV and we've been fans ever since," Sarah said.

"The Bruins are all I've been talking about since the beginning of the season," Sarah said. "Sometimes my teachers yell at me when I'm talking about them with other kids. Some of my friends now watch the Bruins because of me."

During art class this year, Sarah made a wire sculpture in the image of Bruins center Patrice Bergeron, one of her favorite players.

"We had to make it so that the face looked melted, but it still looked like him and I got an A on the project," Sarah said.

The sculpture now sits on the top of her family's television set.

"My first prediction for the series was the Bruins in six," Sarah said. "Now I don't care how many games it takes. I just want them to win."