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October 24, 2012

Stern warning to driver in fatal crash

Says jail is next if fatal crash driver gets behind wheel again


”The fact that he puts himself in this position four days after he is in this courtroom and is going on to probation...it’s startling,” DePaulo said.

Abany issued a stern warning to Pagliarulo not to get behind the wheel of any vehicle again.

”Someone died because of your motor vehicle operation,” Abany said. “I have the family here, still grieving I’m sure. Someone died because of your operation.”

Abany said the Viens family was “magnanimous” and “very generous” in not pressing for a harsher sentence than a year in jail suspended and a five-year suspension of Pagliarulo’s driver’s license.

”In my estimation, you got a very compassionate deal,” Abany said. “I presume I was clear... I didn’t expect you to drive anywhere.... in a cornfield with a thresher, in a golf cart on a golf range... I didn’t want you driving anywhere, even to do this thing of driving your dog to the end of the driveway.”

”I’m going to make it extremely clear today,” Abany went on to say. “I can’t imagine the Viens (family)... how they might feel after being told you would not get behind the wheel for at least five years and they see you behind the wheel of a car driving... albiet in the driveway.”

”I’m reemphasizing what you’re probationary terms are,” Abany said. “You are not to drive anywhere, anything, a motor boat, a Zamboni machine, anything... you are not to drive.”

Abany released Pagliarulo, saying he found no violation of his probation.

Following the hearing, Pagliarulo told The Eagle-Tribune he was sorry about what happened.

“I feel so bad about that it all happened in the beginning,’’ he said, “and I feel so bad about where we are today.’’

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