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October 28, 2012

Rematch: Tsongas vs. Golnik in new 3rd District


Tsongas said that paints Golnik into a corner.

“You can’t go to Washington to solve problems if you’re taking pledges that shut out all sorts of solutions,” said Tsongas. “The only pledge I’ve ever taken is the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Social Security, Medicare & Entitlement Reform

Golnik has criticized Tsongas for failing to discuss long-term solutions for Social Security and Medicare.

He believes people entering the workforce should be given the option of investing a small percentage of their Social Security contributions into private savings accounts.

Tsongas has said she will always stand against privatizing Social Security or diverting funds to private retirement accounts. She believes such changes stand to compromise the program.

Both candidates are against Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare, in which seniors would be given government vouchers to purchase private health insurance.

Tsongas and Golnik predict the cost of health insurance is destined to eclipse the value of the vouchers, leaving seniors to pay more.

Golnik believes Congress should tackle health care costs by allowing Americans to purchase insurance across state lines, by allowing individuals and small businesses to pool together and lobby for lower rates, and by enacting tort reform to prevent the practice of defensive medicine.

Tsongas said Obama’s health care reform is equipped with a host of cost-cutting measures, which in turn will reduce the cost of Medicare over the long term. Among them: enhanced insurance coverage for preventative care and the expanded use electronic medical record keeping.

Energy, Women’s Issues & Bipartisanship

A stark difference on energy policy emerged between Tsongas and Golnik at a debate last week in Haverhill.

Casting doubt on the economic viability of the green energy industry, Golnik said he supports increased domestic oil drilling and would vote to approve the expansion of the Keystone pipeline, which delivers oil from Canada to America’s midwest.

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