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July 3, 2012

Man arrested three times in one day

By Jo-Anne MacKenzie

SALEM, N.H. — Amaysa Selcuk, 45, of Haverhill, was arrested three times Sunday. The third time landed him in the county jail.

It was allegedly reckless driving that resulted in his arrest, but it was his propensity for jogging in the middle of the road that first drew police attention to Selcuk.

Windham and Salem police had been receiving complaints for the last couple of weeks about a man jogging down the middle of the road on busy streets. In Salem, the complaints came from School, Main and Lake streets, Deputy police Chief Shawn Patten said, but officers were never able to locate anyone.

But Windham police were quite familiar with Selcuk, according to Windham police Capt. Mike Caron.

"We've been receiving complaints for the last week or so," Caron said yesterday. "He has a habit of jogging down the middle of the road on the yellow lines."

Selcuk had been warned last week and asked not to jog in Windham anymore, Caron said, but the reports started coming in again Sunday morning.

At about 10 a.m., callers reported a man jogging down the middle of North Lowell Road.

The same officer who had warned him against the practice days earlier responded and charged Selcuk with disorderly conduct. He was released on a "must-appear" summons, Caron said.

Then, about an hour later, Windham police received another call about a man jogging down the yellow line on North Lowell Road. The same officer responded, encountered Selcuk again and this time took him into custody, again on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Selcuk was released again, this time on personal recognizance and with some bail conditions, Caron said.

"Basically, you're told to be on good behavior, not get arrested again," Caron said.

Before Selcuk was released, police asked him why he jogs down the middle of the road.

"He said he's a member of DADD — Dudes Against Distracted Drivers," Caron said.

If there is such an organization, it doesn't have an Internet presence, although Dads Against Daughters Dating, Dads Against Dangerous Dogs, and Dads Against Drug Dealers all do.

All was quiet between Selcuk and police for about 10 hours.

Then Salem police encountered Selcuk, now behind the wheel, at 9:20 p.m. in the area of School and Main streets.

Witnesses told police Selcuk had run a stop sign, almost causing an accident, and was passing cars on double yellow lines.

Salem police Officer Jason Smith stopped Selcuk's vehicle for reckless operation. But Selcuk was less than cooperative.

He jumped out of his car and charged Smith, saying, "What are you gonna do?" according to Patten.

Smith ordered Selcuk several times to stop and get back into his car, but Selcuk didn't listen.

"He was aggressively walking toward the officer," Patten said. "The officer started wrestling with him. Selcuk tried to swing an elbow and the officer put him against the car, then used the Taser on him."

Smith held Selcuk down on the ground until backup officers helped take him into custody.

It was only then that Salem police learned Selcuk had been arrested twice earlier that same day in Windham.

He was processed and taken to the county jail, charged with reckless operation, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and breach of bail conditions.

He was not listed as an inmate at the county jail yesterday evening.

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