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October 22, 2012

Letter: Obama has done little with his four years

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As we approach what is probably the most important presidential race in this century, we must take some thought on the major issues that are weighing on this campaign to make sure that the United States stays financially stable and remains a world leader in education, manufacturing, and economic and social responsibility.

The past four years have brought little to satisfy these three areas of concern. Our annual deficit has reached $1.089 trillion dollars. Our schools are second-rate, particularly in urban areas of the country. We have lost jobs to European markets. And we are providing health-care funding for killing our unborn at pro-abortion clinics.

This has to stop.

Barack Obama has proved to us in his four-year tenure that he can no longer lead this country during a very volatile period.

His foreign policies have done little for countries like Israel, Syria, and Afghanistan. His administration has lied about the killing of four Americans in Libya and we refused to provide to the requested protection there. We still do not know the full impact of Obamacare. This huge program will cost every working individual thousands of dollars per year to support a national health-care system. This should be done at the state level. Social Security and Medicare programs are also in severe jeopardy.

While Obama has entertained pop stars at the White House, our nation has suffered some of the most intense blows and scrutiny of its policies. I will not even touch how poorly he has supported the immigration policy.

Among our young adults aged 18-24, only 54 percent are employed. The national unemployment rate just dropped below 8 percent — but California did not report its numbers.

We find out now that Barack Obama is, indeed, an “empty suit.”

His values, his programs, and his ideals bring little to the American table.

This cannot continue.

Please read the issues and understand the referendum questions and vote if you value your American ideals and the right for freedom and the right to live and die, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Brian Durkin