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November 3, 2012

Letters to the editor

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Ives is right choice for state Senate

To the editor:

The election season is coming to a close next week. It’s important that as many people as possible cast their vote. We have some fantastic candidates to chose from, some really important issues to weigh in on and a chance to set the direction of our communities, the state and the country.

I have chosen to campaign for a person I believe will have a positive effect and represent us at the Statehouse with enthusiasm, intelligence and commitment — Kathleen O’Connor Ives. I heard Katy speak in Haverhill at a candidates breakfast before the September primary. She had a clear message articulating her dedication to representing all the communities in 1st Essex Senate District. She also had the most poise of any candidate that spoke and the spirit of an advocate. I heard a candidate that had an intimate understanding of the issues that impact towns and cities. She has been a consensus builder and she understands the power of collaboration to solve problems or move a community in a positive direction.

Kathleen is my choice for the next state senator in the 1st Essex District.

Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien


Support Golnik for Congress

To the editor:

I met congressional candidate Jon Golnik this summer through mutual friends, and immediately suspected that this was not an ordinary man running to be a politician for all the usual reasons — money, fame, recognition, etc. Although I’m outside his congressional district, I started volunteering my time for his campaign, watching Jon in action, and listening to him speak when the media isn’t around. This interaction has proven to me that Jon Golnik is a rare breed indeed.

What the public hears him say at debates and speeches is exactly what Jon believes and says when no one’s around. Jon believes we are in trouble, believes the federal debt will crush us, believes taxes should never be the first solution to our debt, and advocates spending cuts first. He believes we are worse off than we were two years ago, listens to experts in various fields, and seriously wants to fix this economic mess. He’s a family man, and you know when he says he doesn’t want this country worse off for his kids, he sincerely means it.

Jon says that his campaign should be viewed as a dress rehearsal for the kind of representative he will make. I’ve seen firsthand the hours he puts in, and the people he inspires to volunteer, many of whom wouldn’t otherwise be involved in politics. He has genuine concern for people, and a burning desire to fix our country. Jon Golnik is a candidate I’d be proud to vote for on Nov. 6.

Tom Bowling


Which Romney do you support?

To the editor:

In many online forums, I have run into many who say that they are voting for Romney. But I have to ask: which Mitt Romney are you voting for? The one who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro DREAM Act, pro-gun legislation on automatic weapons, pro-Romneycare as the basis of our nation’s health program. The one that was for a role in Libya until we went into Libya. The one that, behind closed doors said that “he could never get 47 percent of the people to take responsibility for their own lives” when he thought no one was listening. Or the one that now runs from that comment in front of the camera? Look it up, find his speeches, find the videos and see for yourself.

Soon we will elect a president. And I wonder how honest people can’t see the destruction that the right has imposed on our processes, the uniformity of resistance to basic policies they, as a party, have supported for years. From mandates to stimulus bills, all are founded in GOP policy.

In all of my debates with the right, I have yet to hear answers to the following questions: Why is it that the right complains about welfare growth but then rejects each and every jobs bill to get these people back to work? And why is the “welfare state” only a problem under a Democratic president?

Ask yourself: What was done under eight years of Ronald Reagan, four years of George H.W. Bush, eight years of his son? Why is it that only under Clinton did anything get done? Why is it that you have a man, running for president, whose party questioned his honesty and integrity for a year and yet now, in the general election, so many discount those statements? What is important, the power, or the truth?

Chris Cyr


Lyons is best choice in 18th Essex

To the editor:

Please join me in voting for Jim Lyons for state representative in the 18th Essex District. Jim Lyons has kept his promise of being a watchdog for the taxpayer. Rep. Lyons has fought the status quo of political patronage and wasteful spending. Jim has battled the governor for accountability and exposed millions of dollars in fraud.

I have worked with Jim Lyons in a professional capacity as a selectman and watched while he fought to increase local aid. While others told Rep. Lyons there were huge projected deficits at the state level, Lyons replied that waste could be cut and local aid could be increased. There was much resistance to his proposals to reign in state spending and fully fund local aid and Chapter 70 school funding. The end result was an increase in local aid to cities and towns due to the tireless efforts of our representative and other reformers like him.

Lyons’ efforts to protect the taxpayer have not gone unnoticed on Beacon Hill. The insiders are not happy to have someone looking over their shoulders when favors are given out and pet projects are funded. This is why Barbara L’Italien has reappeared as a candidate. She has left the $100,000 a year job she landed after she was defeated two years ago. Unlike Lyons, L’Italien can be counted on to vote for more and higher taxes. While in office, she increased our sales tax by 25 percent, increased our meals tax by 40 percent, and increased our hotel tax by 40 percent. In addition, she added a new tax on alcohol and refused to roll back our income tax to 5 percent, which was supported overwhelmingly by our citizens.

Jim Lyons is the candidate who understands the consequences of our ever-expanding state government. He will continue to work to cut taxes and fund local aid. Jim Lyons will actually be our “representative.”

Jim Lyons has taken many punches while serving on Beacon Hill but has not crumbled. Lyons is a fighter for us, the taxpayers, and will not be bullied. He will continue to battle for openness and transparency in government. Please join me in re-electing Jim Lyons for state representative next Tuesday.

Dan Lanen

North Andover

Support Finegold for state Senate

To the editor:

I would like to voice my support for state Sen. Barry Finegold in the upcoming elections on Nov. 6. In the many years I’ve lived in Andover, Barry has always delivered for our town. He’s been active in promoting youth sports and better educational programs for my kids and yours.

As a former public school teacher, I know how tight budgets can get. This year, Barry was able to deliver the highest amount of educational funding ever to our town. I can’t remember the last time Andover Public Schools had more money than they budgeted for. Needless to say, thanks to Barry’s efforts, our schools can improve programs, fund after school initiatives and support team sports.

We need someone at the Statehouse who is respected and reliable, someone who is responsive to our phone calls and letters and a senator who can deliver for Andover. Barry Finegold has exhibited these characteristics and I hope you consider supporting him on Nov. 6.

Maureen Zonghetti


Re-elect Downing sheriff in Rockingham County

To the editor:

I’ve known and have been a friend of Mike Downing for over 30 years. We first met when he became a New Hampshire State Police trooper and we worked the same patrol areas. Mike was formerly a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. He displayed exceptional courage, determination and professionalism as a state trooper. Mike continued his law enforcement career as a Salem police officer and patrol supervisor before retiring and getting elected to the New Hampshire Senate.

Mike Downing has always displayed an even tempered demeanor, excellent decision making skills, and an innate ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds. These are characteristics that serve him well in his position as Rockingham County sheriff. He is highly respected by his brother sheriffs and by the chiefs of police of Rockingham County.

Mike works tirelessly to improve the delivery of services of the sheriff’s office and improve the technical capabilities of that office.

I know Mike Downing to be a dedicated family man, a gentleman and a fierce crime fighter. His background, education and experience make him uniquely well qualified to serve as our sheriff.

Please cast your vote on Nov. 6 for Mike Downing for Rockingham County sheriff.

Dan Linehan


Support Lyons for state representative

To the editor:

I strongly support and endorse the candidacy of Jim Lyons for state representative. Jim is a small business owner who has served as an independent voice on Beacon Hill for the last two years. He knows what it takes to control budgets and reform spending. Jim understands that during this economic downturn, citizens and businesses alike are struggling to keep their heads above water. He believes that this is a time to reduce the financial tax burden for concerned citizens and loosen the governmental regulations on struggling businesses within our district and across our state. Jim has also been a strong supporter of our local municipalities. He regularly meets with our local leadership to make sure that we understand what is happening at the state level and ensure that he understands our municipal needs. He has worked tirelessly to increase the local aid for our communities within the 18th Essex District by over a half million dollars and works hard to rollback our state income, sales and meals taxes to 5 percent. We need Jim’s knowledge, passion and experience on Beacon Hill to represent the vitality of the Merrimack Valley and the desires of its citizenry.

I am proud to call Jim a friend and honored to call him my state representative.

Brian P. Major


Support Moran for state representative

To the editor:

As the late Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. used to say: “All politics is local.”All of our democracy starts at the local level as a government by the people and for the people.

The most important people that we can elect are often those at the closest level to us.

I favor Frank Moran as our next state representative in the 17th Essex District. Moran has a calm way about diffusing people that try to create contentions at City Council meetings in a civilized manner without seeking to be an opportunist. Moran is a good diplomat. Moran is a problem solver. Moran weighs the issues and is methodical and organized in his approach. Moran has the skills and attributes to be a good legislator.

Moran also cares about ordinary people. Moran’s opponent Kevin Cuff served as the executive director of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association. He cares more about his big banker friends than he does about the people of Lawrence and the 17th Essex District.

Please vote for Frank Moran. He cares about the people of Lawrence, Methuen and Andover that he will honorably represent at the Statehouse.

James Patrick O’Donoghue