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January 28, 2013

Letter: Gun-free zones put people at risk

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Why are killers at public schools like Newtown able to kill so many people? They didn’t use military grade assault or automatic weapons. Few or none used large-capacity magazines. They killed so many people because they had lots of time to shoot lots of bullets.

They had so much time because politicians made schools “gun-free zones.” And, when every second could mean another dead child, the police are minutes away.

Theoretically, politicians created “gun-free zones” to protect children. But, actually they created “helpless victim zones” allowing killers to easily get their 15 minutes of fame, revenge, or company as they commit suicide.

Criminals have set out intending to kill lots of people in many different places. But, except for one case, killers have only succeeded in killing more than three people in public mass killings in “gun-free zones” where law abiding people cannot have guns that could stop killers.

If people kept dying because a business refused to change a “safety” procedure that failed every time it was needed, the business owners would be loudly condemned as negligent, and they would be liable for civil and perhaps criminal penalties.

Had any people other than politicians created a policy like “gun-free zones”, which help murderers achieve their evil objectives over and over and over, and not changed that policy, they too would be considered negligent and perhaps even accomplices in these murders. But, the politicians, mostly Democrats led by President Obama and Vice President Biden, are not even considering eliminating the failed “gun-free zones” policy. They propose taking guns away from law-abiding citizens who have neither committed nor abetted any crimes, and who, in fact, more frequently use guns to prevent or stop crimes than criminals use guns to kill people.

The blood of men, women and children who died in “gun-free zones” is on the hands of the politicians who enabled killers to kill so many people. The longer President Obama and other politicians deny the failure of “gun-free zones” to protect people and the more they impose restrictions on law abiding citizens, the more complicit they are in the deaths of innocent people.

Don Ewing