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January 30, 2013

Letter: Deval Patrick wages war on taxpayers

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

There is nothing as reckless as a politician in his final term. Exhibit A:

Gov. Deval Patrick and his 2014 budget plan.

With an increase in the income tax, gas tax, fare rates and fees, he is well armed for a war on taxpayers.

I want to believe the governor cares about the middle class. We have already seen evidence that ending the 2 percent payroll tax holiday disproportionately affects middle- to lower-income earners.

Add to that the governor’s ambitious proposal for the largest tax increase in state history, and suddenly, the elderly couple next door cannot pay their heating bill, the college graduate on his way to work can’t put gas in his car and the neighborhood boy is unable to play soccer this year because his parents cannot afford it.

The governor is right about one thing: “There is no good time to raise


It is, however, the perfect time to think outside the government box, to honestly and openly examine the state budget, department by department, to root out unnecessary spending and duplication of programs. The taxpayers work hard for their money. In this battle, we need to know our representatives are on our side.

Christine Morabito