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February 15, 2013

Letter: Gun rights are the next target of progressives

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

The NRA whistles the gun industry’s tune, wrote Dante Ippolito (Feb. 8). I wish Mr. Ippolito would do some research instead of making accusations.

The NRA was founded in 1871 by a former Union Army officer. Along with defending the people’s rights under the Second Amendment, it was created to increase the marksmanship of the militia after the Civil War. It has also been involved in safety, training and proficiency courses for our police departments, recreational hunting and child safety.

Like most liberals, Mr. Ippolito doesn’t want to know the facts, such as the crucial defining of the Second Amendment. It was back in 1876, when the Supreme Court defined the Second as to whom the militia was. A militia is defined under federal law include all able-bodied persons of age 12 and over. At the same time, the Supreme Court also ruled that every American had the right to “keep and bear arms” according to the Second Amendment.

So why do people like this make such accusations? The answer is simple: They don’t believe in or respect the United States Constitution. They are more dangerous than any terrorist group attacking our country. Their deceit is to destroy our rights and liberties for their self-righteous agenda. Our right to defend ourselves against the tyranny of government is the last barrier preventing the progressive liberals’ tyranny.

These progressive liberals are like gang-bangers or pimps. They lure people into government dependency for the control of our government. They have infringed on the rights of every law-abiding American with their redistribution of wealth. They spend more effort in defending criminal and illegal immigrants than law-abiding people. Even the last election has proven the failure of our democracy — that a jealous mob can demand our government violate the rights of fellow Americans just because of their wealth. Now they want to violate another right — our right to keep and bear arms.

If any progressive liberal believes that a government or our military is too massive to be overthrown, I suggest you research history. When the freedom and rights of people are being threatened, they will revolt. People fighting for a purpose, their freedom and rights, are worth more than any army paid to fight, as proven in 1776. Our rights are not for sale.

By the way: While I am not a member of the NRA, according to research, their course is set by the voting members, not the “gun industry.”

Fred Mendes